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Drive Me Crazy(3)
Author: Leaona Luxx

"This asshole." I squeeze him again, but before he can lie and deny, I reach down and into his pocket. I drag a lengthy string of condoms from his front pocket. "Umm, if you're refusing to sleep with me, then who in the hell are these condoms for, Ridge?"

He lifts his shoulder, cringing. "They're Mack's."

"The hell you say!" I scramble free, getting to my feet before turning to throw them in his face. "All this time, you can't sleep with me!"

He holds his hands up. "It's not what you think."

"Everyone keeps telling me y'all are a thing and my dumb ass keeps thinking they're insane. But I seriously don't have a clue if you're with her or me anymore!"

He hurries to his feet. "Are you fuckin' kidding me? I spend every waking moment with you."

"And her!" I want to rip my hair out. "She's always around! You have to be there for her! She needs you! For god's sake Ridge, she wants you!"

"You've got it all wrong, Harper."

"No, I don't..." I shake my head, to keep him from seeing my entire body shaking. "I've been a damn fool. For years, I've trailed after you like a lost damn puppy and all to have it constantly thrown in my face. Just tell me the truth, tell me you love her."

He steps closer to me. "I love you, Harper and if I could explain why I'm standing by Mack, I would but now isn't the time."

"Will there ever be a time?" I pin him with a glare.

He drops his head. "Yes, but this isn't it. All I'm asking is for you to believe me."

"Again." I cross my arms. "To trust you and Mack, again. You realize this is my life. Every day, I'm defending you with our friends or with my parents."

His eyes snap to mine. "What about your parents?"

"Nothing. I mean, they're not important. I need you to pick, Ridge. Is it her or me?" My stomach knots from the declaration and the ultimatum.

"No, I'm not picking between the two women who mean more to me than anyone else on this world besides my family. I won't, I refuse to do it." He growls.

"Well, then I'm just a damn fool. Aren't I?"

Ridge stares off into the distance. "Is that your opinion or your parents?"

"Actually, everyone around here! People think you two are a couple, it drives me crazy!" I yell, as tears threaten to break their barriers.

"I don't give a fuck what the people of this damn town think or have to say about me. But I'll be damned if you believe it. Do you believe it, Harper?" His face contorts, the hurt from my words written all over him.

I reach for him, but he backs away. "Please don't, I didn't mean it."

"You might not have meant it, but you said it, Harper. That's what hurts so much because you'd rather listen to rumors than trust me." He glances toward the door, and my gut twists with realization this may be my last chance.

"Please don't go yet, I have so much to tell you." I tug at his hand, not wanting what little time we have together to be like this. Christmas break will be over soon, and I'll head back to Charleston while he goes back to Wilmington with Mackenzie.

He drops his head, toeing his shoes in the dirt. "It's gettin' late, you need to head home before Landon comes looking for you."

"Or is it that Mack needs you?" I wince the second it leaves my lips. Without a doubt, it was a low blow, but my mouth tends to open faster than I can control.

"I'm not surprised what others say about me. I can pretty much guess what this entire town has to say but to just now find out what you think of me, it’s the deepest cut of all."

I step in front of him, wanting the truth once and for all. "Is it yours?"

"Excuse me?" His brows drop low. Damn, he's so mad right now.

"Rumor is..." I chew on my nail, mumbling over it.

He narrows his eyes at me. "Go on, Harper. Ask, let's get this over with and be done."

"They say she's pregnant and that you're the father." I have word vomit. All of it, it comes out and splatters everywhere. On him, on me, and on everything we've built.

I've ruined everything.

His eyes never leave mine. I'm frozen to the spot as a glistening builds behind them, and I've went too far. I also realize it's too late. "I love you, more than you'll ever know."

"Is she pregnant?" A sob breaks from my lips with my last word. My chest tightens as I realize to breathe.

"Yeah, Mack's pregnant, and I can't leave her." His head lowers as he pushes past me.

My body rocks, quaking where I stand. Suddenly, I recognize the sound echoing in my ears. I'm sobbing, and utterly wracked with emotion. I don't want to think, or question, but I also don't want to live without him.

And with that, he walks out. I'm faced with the fact that I did this. I ruined us.



Two years have come and gone since I last spent time with her. The minute I find out she's home for whatever reason, I hurry over here hoping she'll come find me.

She never does.

Yet, here I am with every mere mention of her name. I haven't spoken to Harper since she questioned my love for her. Honestly, I never blamed her.

Mack warned me what this place would do with the rumors and small talk every town has, I never fathomed Harper would fall victim to it.

Rage washes over me, as it always does when I end up here. I wait longer than I should, and anger grows in the pit of my stomach like a bonfire.

I close my eyes, dreaming of her beauty as I often have over the past eighteen months. She's always been the most stunning woman I've ever laid eyes on.

My blood boils, because of untold truths making me seethe, and loathe my mere existence. I sink my fist into the wall next to me, crying out her name as an anthem.

"Harper!" A song to my soul, it does little to soothe my ravaged soul. My heart breaks all over again, as I stand here, watching my memories play out in front of me and I lose her for the last time.

A noise at the door, I turn to it and stumble back. I'm shocked at the sight before me, and it's amazing. Almost unbelievable. Both, undeniably what I wanted.

When those piercing blue eyes lock with mine, I'm in a stupor. I have no words. She takes pity on me and with the most gorgeous grin; she breaks the long, deafening silence between us.

"Hey, there handsome. Come here often?" Her eyes twinkle with mischief. I want to answer her, but I still have no words.

I break into a run, wrapping her in my arms the minute I'm close enough to her. "Dear God, please tell me she's real."

"Don't I feel real?" She murmurs against my cheek as I hold her to my body.

My breath hitches, escaping only as I open my mouth. "You feel amazing, like you always did."

"Someone said, you wait for me in this old broken-down place, every time I come home." Her words are so soft, I strain to listen to her every word.

"I do. Everything else is outta my control, so this is all I know, you and this ole barn." I sniffle, holding back a full-on cry.

She rears back, gazing into my eyes. "Please, don't cry. If I had known, I would have been here sooner."

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