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Drive Me Crazy
Author: Leaona Luxx

"Where do you think you're going?" Mack glares at me from the other side of the bay, hand on hip and a smirk on her face.ƒ

I shift, eyeing the door next to me. "Um... down the road."

"Any place in particular or meeting anyone specific?" She lifts her brows.

"None of your business."

She narrows her eyes, tossing something through the air. "You better take these."

"What?" I catch the condoms midair, glancing around as I shove them in my pocket. "The fuck?"

"Ain't nobody got time for any more babies around here, so use them."

I shake my head. "I'm not going to meet anyone; I have an errand to run. That's it."

"You need to tell her before the rumor mill in this town blows this thing outta portion and she hates us both for thinking we betrayed her." Mack stares at me again, with that damn hand on her hip like she's queen or something.

I push the door open, refusing to acknowledge her. "Better tuck your crazy back in, it's showing again."

"Better use a trench coat or you're gonna wish you had!" She flips me off as the door slams shut.

"Asshole." I mutter, knowing she's right and hating to admit it.

Mack, or Mackenzie, is my best friend and my sister from another mister. Also, misses because we're not related. Thank the good Lord above for that, I'd smother her in her sleep.

She has a better understanding of me than almost anyone, almost the operative word here. In that respect, only one person knows all of my secrets. She's my story, and I hope one day she'll be my entire life.

My chest aches at the thought of her, she's everything and I can't imagine life without her. I jump in my truck, tearing out of the back-parking lot to be with her. Just knowing she's minutes away from being in my arms, has my heart pounding against my ribs.

"Damn that girl is my world, I'd do anything for her." I swallow past the knot in my throat that always forms when I think of her. As cliche as it may feel, I mean what I say. "Anything."

I press the pedals beneath my feet, needing to go faster so I can hold her longer. The nights without her are too cold. My stomach pitches and flips as I eagerly race to her.

Highway Seventeen is busy, making me angry and anxious. I have a feeling she's already waiting for me, so from the second I turn onto that old dirt road, I leave nothing but a dust storm behind me.

Normally, I would creep down through here to keep people from wondering who was back here. This old barn has been stomping grounds for the kids in the neighborhood for years, so someone might come looking.

I slow to a roll, to find her standing in the loft with the door cracked enough to keep an eye out for me. The sun glistens off her hair as the breeze blows it around her face.

I slide from my seat, catching my breath as her beauty stuns me into silence. Her chestnut hair tangles with every pass of the wind, I stagger toward her, as she giggles watching me.

"Are you just gonna keep laughing at me or get that hot ass down here?" I yell at her as I hurry through the barn door. I turn to latch it shut; we prefer not to be disturbed these days.

Most people have no idea we're secretly seeing each other, I'm not sure they'd approve. Although I grew up two doors down from her, and her twin is one of my closest friends, many think I'm not worth the fight.

So, you can understand, I'm the guy you don't want your daughter around. I choose to have grease under my nails and not use my dad's money. I prefer to tear a truck down, than to play under the lights on Friday night.

I hate school. Not because I'm ignorant, just the opposite. They can't challenge me or offer me anything I’m not already aware of. I'm usually finished with worksheets long before most in my classes and quickly become bored.

But when it comes to this beautiful soul, she looks beyond all the smoke and into my soul. Before I can turn around to go find her, she slips her hands over my eyes.

"Guess who?" She snickers.

"Um, Brittney? Christina? Oh, wait... Carmen?"

"Huh? Who are those girls?" She huffs, releasing me. I whirl around, dragging her to me before she can storm away.

"No one that will ever compare to you, Harper Blaine." I lay my hand on the small of her back, pressing her to me as I take her mouth with mine.

Her lips as soft and sweet like honey, her hair smells like strawberries. Damn, if this girl isn't fine enough to eat. As I swirl her tongue with mine, a small moan escapes from her.

I can't think of anything in this world sexier than a murmur of appreciation from the lips of the woman you're madly in love with, and its fucking killer!

"Harper," I mumble against her mouth. "you can't be doin' that to me."

She fists my hair, holding my face to hers. "Don't care, your mouth is all I think about."

"Funny, I think about every inch of you."

She nips my bottom lip. "I think about more than just your mouth, but this is usually where it begins."

"Which brings up an entirely unique situation." I fight to control myself, but it's of no use, my cock grows between us. Drawing attention to itself.

"When are you going to give in and make us both happy?" She groans, fighting to keep her mouth on mine.

I lean away, chuckling. "When you're older and have a college degree of your choosing."

"I'll be old," she pouts. "it will too."

"Excuse me?" I blanch.

She turns as red as this old barn used to be. "That is not what I meant. I'm gonna die now."

"I'm not all together sure. Besides, I'd have no choice but to give you mouth to mouth. Then where would we be?" I narrow my eyes at her.

She rests her head on my chest, muttering. "I'm not positive either, but at least I would be sated."

"Harper! You need to calm down, sweetheart." I step back, taking her by the hand. "C'mon. I want to see it."

"Now, you want me to show it to you!" Her head lulls back as I drag her over to the pile of hay. I fall down, pulling her with me.

"Please." I kiss her forehead. "I want to brag on my girl."

She reaches into her back pocket with a huff. "To whom? The owl and the trees?"

"Babe, what do you want from me? We discussed this from the beginning, this wasn't gonna be easy." I chew the inside of my cheek. I understand she hates all of this cloak and dagger, but it has to be this way for now.

She tosses the envelope on my lap, before running her finger under her eye. "Here, I hope you're happy."

"Harper?" I tug on her hand. "Baby, don't be like this."

She spins on me, pinning me with a glare. "Why not? You decide everything that goes on between us... or doesn't!"

"That's not fair." I sit up, staring at her. "We talked about all of this before it went any further and you agreed."

"I didn't have a choice!" She argues. "I had to agree or not have you."

I gape at her, watching her cheeks flame with anger. "Wow. You're freakin' pissed!"

"Yes, Matthew Ridge. I'm fucking angry." She folds her arms over her chest, one of her best attributes. It hurts my heart.

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