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Heartless (Steel Demons MC #6)  by  Crystal Ash
Midnight Lies (Shifter Island #2)  by  Leia Stone ,Raye Wagner
Master Key Resort (Master Key, #1)  by  Samantha A. Cole
A Curse of Roses  by  Diana Pinguicha
Krampus and the Crone  by  Honey Phillips
Horsemen's War (The Rebellion Chronicles #3)  by  Steve McHugh
Dark Hunt (Dragon Bound, #1)  by  Annika West
The Vow (Black Arrowhead #1)  by  Dannika Dark
Moon Claimed (Werewolf Dens # 2)  by  Kelly St. Clare
A Ghoulish Midlife (Witching After Forty #1)  by  Lia Davis
A Wolf For Christmas  by  Toni Cox
Ruins of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #3)  by  Amelia Hutchins
Earl of Gold (Lords of Scandal #7)  by  Tammy Andresen
Winter's Bride  by  Candace Wondrak
The Lost Fae (The Twisted Crown #3)  by  A.K. Koonce
The Legend of a Rogue  by  Darcy Burke
Hollow Empire (Poison War #2)  by  Sam Hawke
City of Lies (Poison War #1)  by  Sam Hawke
The Forever King (The Scalussen Chronicles #1)  by  Ben Galley
Never After : The Thirteenth Fairy  by  Melissa de la Cruz
All Hell Breaks Loose  by  Cate Corvin
A Warm Heart in Winter  by  J. R.Ward
Young Apostate (Heretic of the Federation)  by  Michael Anderle
White Mask (The Sworn Saga #4)  by  Kate Avery Ellison
Bitten : Crimson Covenant (NightBorne #4)  by  Nikki Landis
Deception (Dark Desires Origins #2)  by  Nina Croft
Unpredictable Sirens (Supernatural Shifter Academy Book 4)  by  G. Bailey
Princess of the Fae (Royal Fae #1)  by  Jamie Campbell
Court of Midnight  by  Lucinda Dark
The Flame Game  by  R.J. Blain
Reign of Nightmares (Blood Throne #1)  by  Quinn Arthurs
Spin the Shadows  by  Cate Corvin
The Black Gate (The Messenger #11)  by  J.N. Chaney
Good Moon Rising (Siren Island #4)  by  Tricia O'Malley
The Dark Archive (The Invisible Library #7)  by  Genevieve Cogman
Tapestry of Night (Star Cast Book 1)  by  Elm Vince
Sapphire Danger  by  Angie Cottingham
Mascara and Murder  by  Gina LaManna
Half a War (Shattered Sea #3)  by  Joe Abercrombie
Beyond the Ruby Veil  by  Mara Fitzgerald
Sympathy for the Demons (Promised to the Demons Book 1)  by  Lidiya Foxglove
Shifted Love : Volume 1  by  Fiona Davenport
Bitten : Crimson Covenant (NightBorne)  by  Nikki Landis
Brightened Shadow  by  Sarina Langer
Emmitt's Treasure  by  Melissa Haag
Darkened Light  by  Sarina Langer
Crooked Magic  by  Eva Chase
Wolf Untamed (SWAT : Special Wolf Alpha Team #11)  by  Paige Tyler
The Poison Prince  by  S. C. Emmett
The Bone Ships  by  R.J. Barker
Passages (Tales of Valdemar, #14)  by  Mercedes Lackey
How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories  by  Holly Black
Call of the Bone Ships  by  R.J. Barker
The Werewolf Nanny  by  Amanda Milo
Succubus Blessed  by  Heather Long
Magical New Beginnings 8Midlife Witchery, #1)  by  Brenda Trim
Enchantress (Witches Academy #8)  by  Tamara Ferguson
The Awakening (The Dragon Heart Legacy #1)  by  Nora Roberts
The Savior's Champion  by  Jenna Moreci
The Princess Knight  by  G.A. Aiken
The Champion's Ruin  by  Kristen Banet
The Blacksmith Queen  by  G.A. Aiken
Night Dragon : An Epic Fantasy Adventure  by  D.K. Holmberg
Entrapment (Thor's Dragon Rider #3)  by  Katrina Cope
Archangel's Sun  by  Nalini Singh
Of Beast and Beauty  by  Chanda Hahn
Mistress of Death (Death Hunter Book Four)  by  Ron Ripley
Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive #2)  by  Brandon Sanderson
The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1)  by  Brandon Sanderson
Tattooed Troublemaker : A Hero Club Novel  by  Elise Faber
Smoke & Ashes  by  Alexis Hall
Saturdays at Sea  by  Jessica Day George
Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive #3)  by  Brandon Sanderson
Elvenking : Leonard the Great, Book Three  by  Roger Eschbacher
Born Human Part 5  by  Viola Grace
The Unrestrained (Skharr DeathEater #2)  by  Michael Anderle
Heart Of The Hounded (Eden Academy # 0)  by  Grace McGinty
Blind Warrior (The Weavers Circle #3)  by  Jocelynn Drake
Under a Winter Sky  by  Kelley Armstrong
The Bone Witch (The Osseous Chronicles #1)  by  Ivy Asher