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Drive Me Crazy(6)
Author: Leaona Luxx

Harper's face pleads with me, but I'm not sure for what. To understand or to save her. "I'm as surprised as anyone."

"Trent, I need to talk to you. Landon, stay with your sister and mother, please." I glare at him.

Trent slaps my back, chuckling. "In a minute, the lucky couple is about to leave. Harper, Weston packed your bags earlier while you were out visiting Emerson."

"He did? How thoughtful." The words come from her mouth, but they don't meet her eyes.

"Yeah, we have a killer drive ahead of us. We better get going, don't want to rush back or anything." Weston, an asshole name if I've ever heard one, says.

He pulls her along with him, glued to her side. I want her safe, so I decide I'll wait until they leave. We can follow behind them and make sure she's safe.

Harper can go down there to file a restraining order or whatever she'll need to stay protected. I'd hate to think of her leaving school, but it might have to happen for her safety.

"I don't like him." I grind through my gritted teeth to Landon, Harper's brother.

"Me either." He cuts his eyes at me. "We'll follow them."

"You read my mind." I nod, anger seeping from my pores.

Harper faces us, laying her hand against the window. We're caught in a time warp, and I'm cemented to the ground. The need to help her greater than my safety.

"Hope to see you soon." Weston smirks, then vanishes behind the wheel.

I stand beside her family, determined to tell them everything. I'll go to my grave to protect her. My frustration grows with the Catch 22 I find myself in and damned if I try to help her. I pray she realizes I'm coming after her.

Her parents' wave as they pull away. Landon nudges me, wanting me to follow him. I'm rooted to the spot, watching as she drives away from me and fear grips me in its fists.

No sooner do I begin to turn when a blood-curdling scream pierces my ear as it escapes her mother. My head whips around, and I fall to my knees when the image before me becomes clear.



10 years later…



"STOP! Please!" Yelling before I freeze in horror. Cemented to the spot, as the scene before me blurs into colors and I'm suddenly ripped into pieces.

I grasp at my chest, pulling and tugging on my shirt, as it constricts my ribs with pain. Fear races through me, gripping my throat, cutting off my air.

Falling to my knees, my lips part as what I can only be described as my soul being cut from my heart, and scream.

My eyes pop open as I sit straight up in the bed from the sound in my head. It never gets easier; the image doesn't fade. All of these years, they're still as vivid as ever.

I bury my palms into my eyes, forcing out the lingering vision. The bed moves, drawing my attention to the sleeping body beside me. The room is shrouded in darkness, I can barely make out what time of day it's supposed to be.

Once my eyes focus, I lean over and trap my cell cord between my fingers, yanking it to me. The screen lights up and the clock shines at me with the current time.

"Fuck." I mumble, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. I stand, stumbling to the bathroom.

I turn the lock after closing the door behind me. Something I learned a long time ago to do when visitors are here. I slap at the switch until the light hums.

After I grab a towel and turn the water on. I pick up my toothbrush, slathering on the paste and shove it in my mouth as I step into the shower. The water is scalding, helping to burn the desecrations from my body.

I can't do anything about those floating around in my head or rooted deep within me. That's something I'll never forgive myself for. Well, that and the mistake sprawled out in my bed right now.

"Damn," hanging my head in disgust as the water runs over me. "what the hell am I thinking? Ladies night does not look good on me."

I brush my teeth like I wish I could my decisions... away. Maybe jumping in the shower will help, so I rush through it as fast as possible. I need to hurry my ass up to work, but most importantly, away from here.

Once I'm clean, I cut the water off and dry as I make my way out of the bathroom. I tip toe to my closet, jerking on the first shirt and pants I can find. A pair of socks in hand, I fist my boots as I slip out the door, barefoot and clinging to what little dignity I have left.

I stop about ten steps from the bottom, yank my socks on and tug on my boots. My hands shake as I send up a silent prayer that my buddy hasn't started work yet.

"Shit!" I spin around, taking the steps two at a time. I rush through the door and stomp over to the bed to grab my phone.

I lay my hand on the bed, shaking it as much as possible to wake the girl laying in it like she owns it. She wiggles and stretches but lays there, earning her a glare from me.

I pull my phone free, pressing my knees into the side of the bed. She doesn't move, but I have no doubt she's awake. So, I nudge the bed and rock the hell out of it until she flips over.

"Hey, I gotta go." I wrap my hand in the comforter, and jerk on it. "When you leave, use the side door. We have customers downstairs."

She lays there, provoking a glare from me. "I'm serious." I spin on my heels; I shove my phone in my back pocket and slam every door on my way out.

"Ugh! Why can't she just leave? I explained the rules." I huff as I hurry down the stairs.

As soon as I turn the corner, I come face to face with a toe taping, arms crossed, jaw popping, best friend. Mack and I go way back, my ride or die partner in crime.

"Please tell me," she smirks. "you used condoms?"

"No, because no one is up there." Lie and deny the best defense.

She quirks her brow and I ready for the blow. "For the love of pecan pie, you're gonna knock her up or worse!"

"What could be worse?"

Mack crooks her pinky finger in the air, grinning. "Your little peanut could rot off."

I drop my head, shaking it as I pause at her side. I drop, squatting in front of her to whisper to her round belly. She's breathtaking, Boone's a lucky man. But I refuse let her get the last word in, especially about my junk!

"Little dude, your Momma is busting my balls again. Can you give her a swift kick, so she pees her pants?"

Mack grips my hair, yanking my head back and narrowing her eyes at me. "Keep it up and I won't let you come to the hospital this time."

"You're a mean ass preggers!"

"Mark my words, you're gonna end up with the herply erplies!"

I hold my hands up, pleading my case. "C'mon, would I do that?"

No sooner do the words leave my mouth that the echo of heels fills the bay. Mack's eyes narrow as her grip on my hair tightens. It's safe to say, my ability to make sound decisions when I'm inebriated is a moot point.

"Get her outta here." She growls. As the clickity-clack gets closer, Mack releases me so I can face my problems head on. She's kind like that, a mamma bear.

"Ridge." Mena's nasally whine bounces around the room, adding to my chagrin. "How about breakfast?"

"Nah, I've got a lot of work." I grind my jaw at her purposeful entrance. "I asked you to go out the side door."

"Where's the fun in that? Besides, I'd miss Mack's full on pregnant face if I did." Mena blows her cheeks out, implying she's fat.

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