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Drive Me Crazy(9)
Author: Leaona Luxx

"Ahhh, shit." I gasp when I twist the wrong way, a wave of nausea washes over me. Tip toeing, I take a quick peek at my ribs. "Yeah, that's an ugly bruise." I look as though I'm about to fall apart on the outside, but it's not even close to how I'm feeling inside.

I wander through the house, making sure everything is in order and turning off the lights as I go. The family room is dark when I get there, I don't even need a light to grab my blanket and find my place on the couch.

Most nights, I fall asleep after a few hours, but tonight, I won't get any rest. Weston stays upstairs until he's ready for work, I try to have breakfast ready. He gives a half-assed apology and leaves.

Hours pass, I lay there as the night turns black and the day breaks. Another day for most people, another day for me. My body screams in pain when I attempt to stand. I force myself to move so I can help him out the door.

I check the menu, turn the coffee on and start the meal. I need to have his food on the table when he gets down here. I'll do anything to have him to leave today, even if it involves smiling.

Once the table’s set, I wait by the counter for Weston to come down. Like every day before this, he's right on time as his steps echo around the house. I brace myself, not wanting to keep him any longer than need be.

"Good morning, Harper." His smile makes my skin crawl. "I won't be eating breakfast; I'm going on into the office."

"Have a wonderful day, darling." I return his smile with gritted teeth and a vile taste in my mouth.

He leans in, kissing me on the cheek. I'm sure he's avoiding my split and swollen lip. "You might want to call in today, your fall last night left some bruising."

"Yes, of course. I wanted to try some foundation before I made the call, but your decision is best." I force myself to keep my face relaxed and unwavering. I need him to leave and without suspicion.

"That's my girl." He taps the counter. "I'll order dinner in tonight; you take it easy and heal up. No more tripping."

"Sounds good, have a splendid day." I wait with anticipation as he walks toward the garage, listening closely for the telltale signs he's left.

I race to the front window, holding my breath as I peek out from behind the curtains. My nerves are tightly wound, not an unfamiliar feeling but different. I feel as though I'm riding on adrenaline instead of fear.

I dare not move until he fades into the distance. My eyes dart to the clock and back, I'm frozen with anticipation he might return. So, I continue to wait, praying he doesn't return.

An hour passes when I finally take a deep breath. With it, I spin on my heels and rush through the house, stripping as I go. My body protests every bend and move, but I can't allow it to hold me up.

I drop my clothes in the hamper and grab the ones from the linen closet; I stashed them there over a year ago. A hoodie and jogging pants from my college days, Weston ordered them to be thrown out, but I knew I could use them at the right time.

I hurry through his daily list, making sure I've done it all. My bones ache with every move I make, but I have to find my way through this. One last check over the house, I run to the bathroom to finish getting ready. "Everything needs to be perfect."

I don't even comb through my hair, wanting to avoid the bumps in it, gathering it up into a ponytail. I don't give a damn what I look like, I only need to make it through the day. After brushing my teeth, I yank my purse off the counter and hit the door in a dead heat.

Dragging my keys out, I jerk my door open and open the trunk at the same time. Tossing my bag in, I whirl around and pull the chord to the garage storage overhead. I scurry up the steps, spotting the box as soon as I'm up there.

I struggle to push another container to the side; I take the one I need down. I pop the lid and remove the Christmas ornaments from the top. My breath hitches as I lay on eyes on my backpack.

I yank it out, returning the other stuff and set everything back the way it was. With a steadying deep breath, I ease down the steps. Fear creeps up my back, sending chills over my body.

Once my feet hit the floor, I push the ladder back up and toss my backpack in the car. My Cruise might not seem like much, but today, I’m praying for jet power.

I slide behind the wheel, closing my door as I open the garage. I turn the key and my car starts, putting it in reverse, I back out slowly. I hesitate and take my phone from my purse; I switch it off and release the brake as my gut constricts with terror.

"Unbelievable! Fucking do it, Harper." My spirit screams at me to move, and I do. I whip the car out into the street and bury my foot on the gas pedal until it hits the floorboard. I have to keep telling myself not to look back or pause for long, giving no chance for anyone a chance to catch you.



"Honey, I'm home!" I yell, walking through my parent's door. "I smell food!"

"I thought I told you to lock the door when you came in, Emerson!" Dad shouts across the room at my sister. I turn the corner to find them sitting at the table.

I stop dead in my tracks, crossing my arms. "I can't believe you people; you're supposed to be my family. The betrayal!"

"Keep talkin,' man. I'm eating while you complain, she fixed pulled pork." Aksel, my brother-in-law, snickers as he plates another sandwich.

I round the table, stopping to kiss my mom. "Didn't I tell y'all he was trouble? Why the hell ain't you home with your parents? They live down the street, go home!"

"Not happening." He flips me off as I kiss my sister.

"I'm getting you a divorce for Christmas." I grumble, taking my seat beside Em.

She elbows me, laughing. "What's the use in me getting divorced, if you end up at his place all the time, anyway?"

"I didn't say we're not friends, I'm saying he needs to get his own food." I drop my chin, glaring up at her.

"How are things with the satellite stores?" Dad wastes no time and goes straight to business, it's in his blood, he's good at it.

I mumble through my filled mouth. "Good. Wilmington's coming along."

"How about we check in early next week, make sure things are going as you want it." I nod with him. "After dinner, put it down for Tuesday."

"Yes, sir." I mutter over my food. "This is killer, Mom."

"Thank you." Her brows raise as she witnesses me as I scarf it down. "When is the last time you've eaten?"

After shoving in a handful of BBQ’s, I lick my fingers before answering. "Lunch."

"You're a pig." Emerson snickers, cutting her eyes at her husband. "You both are gluttons."

Aksel tosses two hush puppies in his mouth, talking while he does. "It's good! Why does that make us pigs?"

"You're talking with your mouths full!" She rolls her eyes, laughing.

We finish dinner and help clean up. Every Thursday and Sunday we have dinner at my parents, Saturday's and Monday's I spend at Em's with Aksel.

Aksel walks in the kitchen with more dishes. I toss him a towel and start running the water. "I'll wash you dry."

"Sounds like a plan." He joins me, waiting on his first dish.

I chew my lip, working like a well-oiled machine. "How's it going with y'all?"

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