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Broken Deeds MC : Second Generation #1
Author: Esther E. Schmidt



Thirteen months ago

— Beatrice —


Archer and I have been dancing around each other for years. Always with an invisible but solid line between us we shouldn’t cross. We’re from different MCs. We have rules to live by, and club business shouldn’t mix or crossover. Off-limits; that’s us. But our sizzling connection continued to grow and is undeniable.

I think it’s why I somehow ended up in front of Archer’s tattoo shop a few days ago when I had the feeling of being followed again for the third time that week. Archer didn’t even so much as blink and took control of the situation. And in doing so, he also decided it was time we took the next step on a personal level as well as handling the stalker issue.

Like him, I didn’t need time to think; we were always meant to be together. I accepted his claim and became his old lady, and with it a lot of changes took place. Even more since Archer also just took over the gavel from his father and is now the president of Broken Deeds MC.

Needless to say, the man has many responsibilities and handles different things at the same time. A tattoo artist, president of an MC, solving cases the government can’t solve or get justice for themselves…oh, and let’s not forget he now has a new relationship with me on top of it.

And I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful, but the time I’ve been here has gone by fast and I have no clue what’s going on. Add the fact Archer insisted I stayed with him right then and there, it’s been quite the full-speed ahead relationship we dove into headfirst. I’ve enjoyed spending time with Archer but I would like to know if he made any progress with the stalker issue.

Without too much information Archer knew my stalker was Robbie, the grandson of an old lady I visit from time to time since I do some volunteer work for elderly people. Visit them, grocery shopping, or just make sure they’re okay. And when I didn’t hear from her or see her for some time, I was worried, even more when Robbie was there in her place instead.

“It’s been over a week and I have to sleep in my own bed sometime,” I tell Archer in a somewhat scolding tone.

We both know I would love nothing more than to stay here each and every night. Though, all we do is talk and watch TV. Sad to say there hasn’t been much action between the sheets. On top of that, my mother swings by my house early mornings a few times a week and I’ve been getting messages asking why I’m not home.

I can hardly keep telling her I was out for a jog each and every morning. My mother knows how much I hate running and exercise, and my thighs and ass prove it. The easy way would be to let her know Archer and I are now together, and how he’s handling my stalker issue.

Though, that would mean I have to explain we’re together and the stalker part since my parents have no clue about either one. Archer and I agreed to keep it quiet for now and focus on solving the stalker issue first. Because we both know my father won’t take it well to hear his little girl—who isn’t so little anymore—is in a relationship with the president of another MC.

“I need another day or two to wrap it up. Normally we would take action right away, but this case didn’t land in our lap through the proper channels and this Robbie fucker is twisted.” Archer winces and we both know he just slipped up.

He doesn’t need to go through the proper channels. He’s been quiet about the whole stalker issue, and when I ask about it, he simply says he’s handling it. And I did mention the whole no sex thing, right? All of this makes me doubt if he really wants this thing between us to work or if there’s something going on that I don’t know about.

I step closer and jab my finger against his leather cut. “You’re keeping things from me. I should have known with the whole no touching, no kissing, but keeping me locked in this clubhouse anyway. Out with it, whatever it is. Or you’ll see me walking out that door as easily as I chose to walk through it.”

His eyes flare and he wraps his fingers around my wrist to keep me in place while his face inches closer. “There is no walking out on us, Bee. Not now, not ever. We just fucking started. I’m trying not to fucking hurt you, okay?”

“You’re hurting me by keeping things from me,” I throw back just as fierce.

His jaw tics and he swallows hard. Just when I think he’s going to let go of my wrist and leave, he spits out words I wasn’t expecting. “Robbie killed his grandmother. He has been keeping her body in the fridge. The basement is filled with pictures of you, some are images from cheerleading taken years ago. The fucker searched the whole internet and pulled every picture of you he could find. He’s fucking obsessed and a damn killer. Not to mention he’s on the loose. He managed to shake the prospect I had following him. That’s why we entered the house and found his collection and the body. But there’s no trace of him.”

I take a breath to process his words and don’t know what to say, other than, “Okay.”

His forehead scrunches up and he echoes, “Okay?”

“Yeah, well, what else can I say? But I do need a better excuse than ‘I’m out jogging’ so my mother doesn’t activate my GPS to track me down. And I want you to freaking kiss me. Or better yet, I need sex. That’s what couples do, right? Or is it just all the other bikers who screw like bunnies? Wait, do you have a piece of ass on the side, and I’m just the prize in your bed to taunt the other MC?”

I’m not facing Archer. Well, clearly I am, but the way his face is filled with anger and emotion it’s clear I’m standing in front of the president of Broken Deeds MC. And he’s more than pissed off. I should take a step back but deep down I know he won’t ever hurt me.

A knock sounds on the door followed by Wyatt’s voice, “Pres, we need you.”

“I’m busy,” Archer snaps, not making a move and keeping his eyes locked with mine.

“You want to talk to me. It’s the thing we need to handle and can end right now,” Wyatt presses.

Archer releases a string of curses. “VP,” he snaps. “I need for you to handle this for me. I have to focus on my old lady. She’s my number one priority.”

“You got it, brother. And you’d want to know that your hunch was correct,” Wyatt replies and adds with a solid vow, “Open and shut, I’ll make sure this ends today.”

“Thanks, VP,” Archer says and takes a menacing step closer to me.

It doesn’t matter if our noses are almost touching or if his eyes are liquid fire. He doesn’t scare me, not one bit.

“You don’t want me keeping things from you?” I’m sure the growl in his voice is thrown in there to taunt me.

“Whatever you throw at me, I can handle it,” I tell him with determination. “I was born and raised in an MC, Archer. You know this.”

“A different one than ours, Bee. You’re the president’s old lady and that’s for good reason. But this shit is too fucking personal. You heard Wyatt tell me my hunch was correct, right?” He waits for me to nod before he continues. “That’s because I suspected Robbie would break into your home and wait for you there. And I was right.”

Relief floods my veins. “They found him? It’s over?”

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