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The Lawyer (The Dalton Brothers #1)
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To my Kimmi.

For holding me up, holding me together, and always holding my hand.

They don’t make besties like you.






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Los Angeles is fucking lit tonight. That was the only thought in my head as I stood twenty-seven stories up on the roof deck of the city’s newest and hottest high-rise hotel, overlooking our famous skyline. Jenner, my middle brother, was the attorney who had represented the closing, and everyone who was anyone had come out this evening to celebrate the grand opening.

Not only was this a huge win for Jenner, but for The Dalton Group as well—the law firm my parents had started over twenty years ago, where my brothers and I were now partners. We represented some of the largest-earning corporations and individuals in the world. In my case, concentrating solely on entertainment law, I was surrounded by many of my clients, this event like a mini version of the goddamn Oscars.

“Jenner has come a long way,” Brett Young, my best friend, said. He was next to me on the balcony, nodding toward my brother, who was schmoozing with the CEO of a massive online retailer. “I remember when we were in law school, that motherfucker still had zits all over his forehead. Now, instead of carrying textbooks, he’s got multimillion-dollar contracts in his hands, closing transactions like this one every day, from here to fucking Dubai.”

Brett pointed at Ford, my youngest brother. “And the baby in the family? Man, I definitely didn’t anticipate him being the first one in our group to father a child.” He smirked. “Certainly not before me or you.” His eyes caught mine. “I think you wake up every morning, hoping like hell that some woman doesn’t come banging on your door, asking for a paternity test.”

I laughed in agreement. “Isn’t that the fucking truth?”

Before Brett had met James Ryne, one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, he had lived the same lifestyle as me. Bachelor brothers was what we used to call ourselves. But now, they were engaged, and he was more whipped than a sub.

He clinked his glass against mine, and we downed what liquor was left. Immediately, a waitress appeared to hand us refills.

He held his scotch over the side of the railing, balancing the liquor in the air.

I did the same, sighing as I gazed at all the twinkling lights below. “It’s been a hell of a run for us so far, and we’re only getting started.”

When Brett and his buddies had opened The Agency—a firm of agents representing actors, athletes, and musicians—I had just passed the bar, and we would refer clients to one another. Now, all these years later, we sat in many of the same meetings, negotiating deals for the top earners in the business.

“You’ve got that right, my friend. Wait until I tell you about this new actress I just scouted and how much money she’s going to earn us …” His voice faded as he grabbed his phone and read the screen. “Fuck.”

“What’s wrong?”

Still staring at his cell, he said, “You know our client Naomi, who I cast for that reality TV show that’s filming in two weeks? Her manager just texted and said she’s in the hospital with two herniated discs in her neck and another three in her back.” He slowly glanced up at me. “Ski accident in Vail this morning.”

“Jesus, is she all right?”

“She’s going in for surgery tomorrow. She’ll be bedridden for the next nine to twelve weeks, which means she’ll miss all of filming.”

“That shit is painful. I hope she pulls through.” I took a drink. “I also know what that means for you—you have to find someone to replace her.”

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