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Playing with Desire (The Players Club Book 6)
Author: Erika Wilde

Chapter One



It had been a long while since Summer Hughes had done something just for herself, and even longer since she’d had sex with anything other than one of the vibrating boyfriends she’d purchased from Sugar and Spice, an adult boutique that her friend Raina owned in town.

Tonight, that two-year dry spell was going to end, because she was the proud holder of an invitation to The Players Club, an exclusive private mansion that catered to all sorts of sexual adventures. She still couldn’t believe that Stephanie had surprised her with the gift, but she was grateful. All her other close friends had already been to the club and had even found their significant others there. She’d been feeling like the odd woman out until earlier today at lunch when she’d been surprised with the unexpected overture—to attend Stephanie’s birthday celebration at the club, and after that, well, Summer was free to do as she pleased, with whom she pleased.

She bit her bottom lip in a combination of excitement and nervous energy as she glanced at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and smoothed a hand down the sparkly, nude-colored, thigh-length dress that was sexier and more revealing than anything she’d ever owned or worn before. Thin spaghetti straps left her shoulders and back completely bare, except for the cascade of long, blonde hair she’d left down in soft waves. Wearing a bra was a moot point, but at least the V-neck bodice in front was structured in a way that molded to and lifted her ample breasts. As she was more of a full-figured girl, the material accentuated the swell of her hips and the rounded curve of her ass. If ever there was a time and place to display her assets, tonight’s visit to The Players Club would be it.

Never having been to the elusive place, she wasn’t sure what to expect for herself. She wasn’t necessarily looking for a long-term commitment or expecting to meet the love of her life like the rest of her girlfriends had. She’d be happy to just enjoy an evening of blissful physical satisfaction. The kind that had eluded her in all her previous, vanilla-type relationships.

In her daily life, everyone thought of her as the quintessential good girl, but when it came to sex, Summer had come to realize that she was a woman who liked things dirty, and she wasn’t ashamed to admit it. The fantasies she conjured in her mind always tended to lean toward having a dominant lover with her in the submissive role. Being restrained and forced to comply was a bonus. As it always did, the provocative thought made her pulse quicken, and she hoped she found that dynamic tonight at the club.

While she wouldn’t label herself a masochist, she wasn’t opposed to a bit of pain with her pleasure. She’d read enough erotic novels and seen equally titillating movies and porn online to know that spankings—with the palm of a hand, a crop, or a paddle—definitely excited her. And the thought of things like nipple clamps and other sexual devices designed for an extra twinge of discomfort turned her on. She knew this because, with a friend who owned an adult toy store, Summer had acquired her own treasure trove of illicit toys to experiment with and to make up for the lack of sex in her life.

She might have spent the past three years deliberately living a low-key life with a few tame, boring dates here and there, but with the privacy that The Players Club offered, she was ready to indulge some of those filthy fantasies that filled her mind at night and finally make them a reality with a man who knew how to seduce a woman’s mind and body. This evening, she was determined to set her inner bad girl free—without guilt, shame, or regrets.

Ready to go, she summoned an Uber to drive her to The Players Club, which arrived at her apartment building a few minutes later. During the drive, sitting in the backseat of a comfortable SUV, she stared out the window at the passing scenery, wondering if tonight could be a new beginning for her. One that would truly allow her to move forward, instead of remaining fearful deep inside that the new life she’d created for herself would eventually be shattered by events of the past.

Her stomach churned at the possibility, but those three crucial years had gone by without her past rearing its ugly head, and she wanted to believe that it was time to stop looking over her shoulder on a daily basis while worrying and wondering if the person she’d help to put behind bars with her incriminating testimony was going to eventually find her and make her pay as he’d vehemently promised.

After the trial, she’d moved from Washington State, where she’d grown up, to San Diego, California. Since she was an only child with no immediate family left to keep her tied to Spokane, it had been an easy decision to start out somewhere fresh and new, and living in a warm climate and near the beach had always appealed to her. She’d been fortunate enough to find an affordable studio apartment to lease in a small complex owned by a kind, elderly man who likened Summer to his granddaughter. And a few days later, when she’d walked into a specialty shop that made custom corsets, where the owner was looking to hire an assistant, Summer had landed the job thanks to the impeccable seamstress skills her now deceased grandmother had taught her.

For three years, she’d kept a low profile, and she’d like to think that she’d managed to blend in and be a normal person. She’d made friends that she loved and trusted—including Paige, her boss—and she finally felt . . . settled, even if it was difficult being the only girl in their group who was still single, when growing up she’d always envisioned getting married and having a family of her own. However, it wasn’t as though she’d found that one person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with yet. But maybe, after indulging in tonight’s erotic adventures at The Players Club, it was time to open herself up to the possibility of having more in her life and a future to actually look forward to.

Arriving at the address Stephanie had given her, Summer’s driver stopped at the double iron gates that protected the property, where a man dressed in a suit and with an earpiece immediately stepped toward the vehicle.

“I’ve got this,” Summer said to the guy behind the wheel as they both lowered their windows at the same time, intent on following the instructions that her friend had given her.

Stephanie had informed her that there were strict protocols in place for The Players Club, and anyone who entered the premises was required to either be a member or would be on a guest list for the evening—Summer being the latter. As far as her Uber driver was concerned, he’d be allowed to drop her off at the top of the hill, then would be checked out by security upon exiting the property.

“Hi,” she said, smiling at the serious-looking man, which did nothing to soften his all-business demeanor. “I’m Summer Hughes.”

The guy used his index finger to scroll through a list on his handheld tablet, then tapped the screen before glancing back at her. “You’re all checked in. Is this your driver?”

She nodded at his assumption. “Yes.”

The proficient man shifted his attention to the guy sitting in the front seat. “Sir, this is a private residence. It’s a bit of a drive up to the main house, so you have ten minutes to drop her off and return.”

“No problem.”

Upon his agreement, the gate opened, allowing them through. The smooth, winding road up to the top gave Summer a glimpse of the stunning estate, beautifully landscaped along the way with flowering bushes, palm trees, and low-profile lighting. After a few minutes, they rounded a curve, and a huge, sprawling, jaw-dropping mansion came into view that sat overlooking the city. From the outside, the place looked enormous, with a Mediterranean architectural design that was surprisingly warm and inviting and gave no indication of what really went on inside of the magnificent, massive structure.

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