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Devious Love(9)
Author: Jaxson Kidman

At one point, I saw Emily’s hand down the front of Kace’s board shorts.

Talon kind of kept to himself, knowing to avoid me.

So I was getting drunk alone at a Troc party. I didn’t belong there. I had nowhere else to go. And in a sense, my mind told me this was it for the Troc life. I had to get out of there. Gia was right too. Even my mother.

I had to leave Talon’s place.

He did his job.

He picked me up from the mansion and got me to safety.

I had a bed and a chance to think and sleep.

All this other craziness…

I gasped as I watched Brock step up to the fire. He was way too close. And to make things worse, he dropped his shorts and started to urinate into the fire.

I turned my head and wanted to throw up.

That could have been what I was drinking though…

I walked to the door and looked back one last time.

I would never forget the Troc party. That was for sure.

As my eyes scanned around, I caught Talon looking at me.

I went into the house and left my red cup on the counter.

I stumbled around the house, bouncing left to right against the walls as I made my way to the bedroom.

I laughed as I stood at the bunk bed.

The climb felt like two miles high.

Up I went, grunting like I was climbing a mountain.

I spread my hands out on the blankets and groaned as my head hit the pillow.

My stomach did a few flips.

I needed to call it a night.

Another sip of something and I would end up really sick for sure.

I hugged my pillow and shut my eyes.

The room spun… but only for a few seconds…

I could hear the party outside.

The music.

The laughter.

Random noises.

“Fucking Trocs,” I whispered.

They were dirty. They were losers.

Then again…

Were the Bumps - including me - any better?



I felt the bed moving and it was like I was on a boat.

I lifted my head and grabbed the blankets.

“It’s just me,” Talon said.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Keeping to my promise,” he said.


“I’m going to crash with you, Winter,” he said. “Go back to sleep.”

“Okay,” I said.

I put my head back down.

It was silence all around.

The party must have ended.

The silence was broken up by a sound.

I heard an ooohhh sound and felt my cheeks get warm.

I knew that sound.

That was…

“That’s just Emily,” Talon said. “Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

“Yes I do,” I said. “What’s happening?”

I lifted my head and Talon moved next to me.

“Winter, close your eyes.”

“No. Is she in the kitchen?”

“Yeah,” Talon said. “Do not eat off the counter for breakfast.”

“Oh, gross,” I said.


“Good for Kace, right?”

Talon shook his head. “Not really.”


Talon sighed. “Fuck, darling. You didn’t see Crew today or tonight, right?”

“No,” I said. “Where was he?”

“He was working,” Talon said. “He showed up late tonight.”


“He and Kace fought.”


Talon pointed to his face. “Fought. Like I did with Brock.”

“For what?”

“For what you hear out there.”

I gasped. “What…?”

“Winter, just go to sleep.”

“No. You’re telling me they fought to sleep with Emily?”

“She likes it,” Talon said. “Leave it at that.”

“Where’s Kace?”

“He’s sleeping,” Talon said. “He doesn’t care. He’ll get her tomorrow.”


“Winter,” Talon growled. “This is our life. Don’t fucking judge it.”

I swallowed hard. “Sorry. Right. I mean… good for her.”


“Have you ever…”

“Fuck,” Talon said. “Are you kidding me right now? I’m just going to leave.”

“Don’t go,” I said.

I grabbed Talon’s arm and pulled myself closer to him.

I didn’t mean to move so dramatically.

My body touched his.

Things were touching… lined up… him… me…

“You’re drunk,” Talon said.

“Yes I am. So just tell me what I want to know.”

“You want to know if I slept with Emily?” Talon asked.

I nodded.

None of it was my business. And none of it mattered.

Talon laughed. “Whatever, darling. Of course I slept with Emily. Plenty of times. Raine too.”


“Even Emily and Raine at the same time.”

“No,” I said.

Talon grinned. “Not that far… but close…”


“Let’s just say I took Raine to our spot in the woods one night and then a few hours later she fell asleep and everyone else fell asleep… but Emily…”

“You’re disgusting,” I said.

I was smiling as I said it.

I liked it.

I secretly liked how gross Talon was.

And my body…

There was no way in hell it should have turned me on.

But it did.

“I’m not ashamed,” he said. “Neither are they. Why would they be? It feels good and it’s fun to do.”

“I guess so,” I said.

“You wouldn’t know, Winter,” Talon said.

“I had a hint… remember?”

“My fingers?” Talon asked. “Please. That’s nothing.”

I slowly moved my right leg over him. “Well…”

His hand touched my leg. “I warned you. Do not cross this line with me.”

“Why not?” I asked. “We’re together. Alone. In bed. I’m willing. I kind of… I kind of need it, Talon…”

He put his head back and let out a long breath. “Winter…”

“Come on, Talon,” I said. I inched closer to him so my breath would hit his neck. “You know you want me. A Bump in your bed. A drunk Bump.”

Talon looked at me.

I lifted my right hand to his face. I touched his lip and eye. “You fought Brock for me.”

“That was something building up over the last few weeks. It goes way beyond you.”

“You protected me.”

“You pay me for that,” he said.

“Well… I can give you a bonus…”

“Fuck, Winter,” he said. “This is what you want right now?”

“I’m telling you what I want,” I said. “I want you, Talon. I want you right now.”

Talon moved his forehead to mine.

We froze time to think it over.

I knew what I wanted.

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