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Pretty Lies (Watch Me Burn #1)
Author: R.E. Bond

Chapter one






“You’re joking, right?” I exclaimed as I crossed my arms tightly across my chest and glared at my father.

He gave me a stern look from his seat behind the desk, his voice rough with warning.

“Aurora Donovan, don’t even bother to argue with me on this. This new school will be perfect for you, and you should be grateful for the opportunity.”

Was he for fucking real? Grateful?

“I didn’t ask for a new school, or a new mother,” I snapped, hurt and anger lacing my tone, but he turned his attention back to his paperwork as he spoke again.

“I didn’t ask to have a spoiled bratty daughter, but I sure as hell got one.”

“How the hell am I spoiled and bratty? We’re broke and have been for a long fucking time! No thanks to the debts that you keep racking up. That’s the only reason you like this woman, isn’t it? You love her money, not her,” I spat.

I wondered how long I could argue with him before he completely lost his temper with me again, and I didn’t have to wonder for long.

I didn’t flinch as he slammed his fist onto his desk, his dark blue eyes boring into my light blue ones.

“Josie and her son are expecting us, go and get ready so we can leave.”

I rolled my eyes, my arms still crossed firmly.

“I am ready.”

“Like hell, Aurora. You’ve got to make a good impression. Tattered jeans and a ripped shirt won’t work,” he gritted out, making me frown and look down at my outfit with annoyance.

The black ripped skinny jeans and white crop top didn’t look that bad if I was being honest.

I thought I looked pretty alright for a casual meet.

“I always wear this?” I finally questioned, making him look away from me, disgust in his voice.

“Exactly. Find something nice for fuck’s sake.”

“This is my nice outfit, unless you want me to wear overalls or my pajamas?”

He was such a fucking prick.

I headed from the room, needing to get away from him, grabbing my black combat boots and lacing them up.

I leaned against the wall to wait for Dad, brushing my long black hair with my fingers and tying it up in a high messy ponytail.

Well, Max. I only called him Dad when I had to.

He finally emerged from his office, shaking his head at me with irritation as he walked past, grabbing his car keys.

“You know, you could at least pretend to like the idea of not having to get a job so badly now. Maybe Josie can take you shopping and you can get some nice new clothes? Maybe even a haircut?”

I gave him a dirty look before walking out the door behind him.

“I still need a job, and no, Josie won’t be taking me out to do shit, because I don’t give two shits about her money. I’ve had to look after myself for a long time now, so I’ll be fine, thanks.”

He was such a freeloading piece of shit.

Once we were in the car, he sighed in defeat, a soft tone in his voice.

It was fake, it always fucking was.

“Look, I know you miss your mother, but Josie…”

“You make it sound like she’s dead. She just couldn’t stand you and your spending habits. When I find her, I’m gone, you got that?” I gritted out before he could finish his sentence.

He always pushed thoughts of Mom to the side, and I fucking hated it.

“She left without you all those years ago because she didn’t want you, Aurora. Stop living in your head with your happy stories of having a home with her again,” he said in a low voice, making my heart tighten.

He was fucking wrong.

Mom wanted me, I just knew it.

We drove the rest of the way in silence, my face scrunching into a scowl as we drove up to a massive mansion to park the car.

Seriously? That belonged to Max’s latest piece?

She actually lived there?

“Bit overkill, isn’t it? Who is she, the fucking queen?”

He ignored me as usual, climbing out of the car and heading towards a huge door as it opened, and a slender blonde woman walked out to greet him.

I climbed out but hung back until he gave me a frustrated look.

“Josie, this is my daughter, Aurora.”

Josie’s smile was sweet, but I dodged her as she tried to hug me, not that she seemed to be offended by my lack of affection.

“It’s nice to meet you, Aurora. Your father’s told me so much about you.”

All bullshit, I bet. “I prefer Rory.”

“Well, Rory, come inside and make yourself at home. Would you like a sparkling water? Your father said you love them.”

I gave my father a sideways glance before replying in a relaxed voice, trying not to sound rude.

“Well, he’s lying because I hate them. It tastes like television static in a plastic bottle.”

She let out a genuine laugh as she led us inside the big ass mansion, and I tried hard not to be intimidated by everything.

It literally spelled out money.

The corners of her lips lifted into a small smile. “My son will like you. He’s in the gym at the moment, I’m sorry.”

My eyebrows shot up in surprise. “You have a gym?”

Of course they had a fucking gym.

“We have a gym, pool, movie room, bar, and so many bedrooms. You can use anything you like, okay?” She beamed, making me realize the woman wasn’t some snot-nosed cow like I’d originally thought she’d be.

I gave her a small smile, warming up to her a little.


Josie showed me through the entire house, beaming even more when she stopped in front of a huge bedroom that our entire house would have fucking fit inside.

“This one’s yours!”

“Pardon?” I asked with confusion, taking a small step back as tension rolled through me.

Max cleared his throat, managing to at least look slightly embarrassed.

“Your bedroom, Aurora.”

I narrowed my eyes and took another step back silently, but Josie actually scowled at him, winning herself a few bonus points from me.

“Max Donovan, you didn’t tell her?”

“We’re telling her now, aren’t we?”

Father of the fucking year.

Josie shook her head and glanced at me with an apology in her friendly green eyes.

“I thought you knew, honey. I asked your father to move in, and I asked him to bring you around so we could meet each other properly first.”

My back hit the wall and I sneered at my father, my fists clenching by my sides as I tried to contain some of my anger.

I could kill him.

“Wanna drop anything else on me today? New mom, new house, new school. I’m glad I haven’t sorted a job out yet, or you would’ve fucked that up too, wouldn’t you?”

“Aurora, what did I say at home?” He asked sternly, but I was pissed off and not feeling too agreeable.

He shouldn’t make a habit of upsetting me at important times, then maybe I’d stop embarrassing him in front of people.

Fuck him.

“I’m not fucking moving. No way in hell.”

“Well, tough. You aren’t eighteen yet kiddo, so you don’t have a choice,” he said smoothly, acting as if he had me under control.

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