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Ignite (Men of Inked : Heatwave #5)(6)
Author: Chelle Bliss

“He didn’t have anything to do with it either,” he says, smiling down at me with total and complete adoration. “That was all me, baby.”

I wave my hand at him before quickly dropping it to the bed, too tired from the two orgasms he so willingly and selflessly gave me.

“Well, we know your mouth is in working order.”

“Fingers too,” he adds, wiggling those long, thick bad boys in the air as he stands, dick at attention, waving around, letting himself be known. “But I think my cock needs a check.”

I laugh, unable to take my eyes off his beautiful fuckstick. “Well, get on up here and show me what you got,” I tell him.

He shakes his head. “Bum shoulder, remember? Get your ass down here,” he tells me, standing at the end of the bed, waiting. “On all fours, ass in the air. You know how I like it.”

My belly flutters, and somehow, my pussy twitches. The greedy bitch actually wants more, but the rest of me is waving the white flag, begging for a break. “I don’t know if I can hold myself up after all that.”

“Sweetheart,” he says softly, smirking, “just place that beautiful face against the mattress, and I’ll do the rest. I won’t let you fall.”

I move like my ass is on fire, scrambling to the end of the bed. I assume the position, ass up, my face smashed against the rumpled sheets, arms at my sides, and wait, panting like a cat in heat.

“Perfect,” he whispers, running his hand down the side of my hip. “Just perfect.”

We hadn’t seen each other in two weeks before he landed in the hospital, a hole blown into his body. Usually when we saw each other again, we did nothing else except fuck, sleep, and eat. I looked forward to these days. The countless orgasms followed by the naps in his arms afterward.

I sneak a peek, staring down the side of my legs, watching him as he admires my ass. There’s always a hunger in his eyes. Always a thirst he never seems to quench, no matter how many tastes or sips he has of me. “You going to stare at it all day, or are you going to fuck me?” I say, feeling sassy.

Before I can even smile, he lifts his hand, bringing it down fast and not all that hard against my ass. It’s just enough pain to send a jolt through my system and cause me to push my ass up higher.

He runs his palm over the very spot that still stings, soothing me. “You want to say that again?”

“Kind of.” I laugh, wiggling my butt around. “But I’d prefer if you’d put your cock inside me instead of playing games.”

“This cock, princess?” he asks, removing his hand from my ass and wrapping it around his long, thick shaft. “You want this one?”

I lick my lips, almost salivating at the sight. “Yes,” I murmur, unable to stop staring as he strokes himself.

“Beg for it,” the fucker tells me, smirk firmly planted on his face, his gray eyes staring right into mine.

I stop shaking my ass. “Beg?”

“Tell me how much you want this cock.”

I lift up on my elbows and give him a smirk right back. “Baby,” I whisper, sweeping my gaze up his body, away from his cock, to his face. “You’ve already given me two amazing orgasms. I’m pretty damn good right now. I think you should be the one begging for the orgasm at this point. But if you don’t want it and would rather stroke that fine cock yourself, I’ll be more than happy to watch.”

“Fuckin’ impossibly cute,” he mutters, still moving his hand up and down, up and down, in a slow and steady rhythm.

“Why don’t you beg for my luscious pussy?” I say to him, holding in my laughter because I know I’m going to pay for this, and I sound completely ridiculous. “Beg for the chance to stick that aching cock into my tight, wet pussy.”

He sucks in a breath, and I know he’s about to lose it.

I’m getting to him.

I’m toying with him in much the same way he toys with me.

There’s power in it, and it’s addictive.

“Beg, Mammoth. Tell me how badly you want my cunt.”

His eyes flash with hunger. The word “cunt” pushed him over, bringing out the animal part of him. The side of him that’s filled with lust and the need to spill his seed. He takes a step forward, moving toward me with his prick ready for action.

When the tip of his penis touches my body, I inch forward and get a growl as a response.

“Beg,” I remind him.

“I don’t beg.”

I raise an eyebrow, still propped up, waiting. “You don’t, but you will.”

He smiles down at me, and I think I’ve won. My inner cheerleader is already doing spirit fingers, celebrating our victory and the pounding I’m about to receive for my good deeds.

But to my surprise, he doesn’t beg.

He doesn’t open his mouth.

Instead, he sits down next to me, shoulder touching my hip, and continues to move his hands up and down his shaft.

“What are you doing?” I ask, blinking and gawking at him in all his sexy glory.

“I don’t beg, and you’re right, my hand works too.”

“Asshole,” I growl under my breath.

He closes his eyes and continues working his cock in his palm, slowing down near the tip before moving his closed fist lower, repeatedly.

I don’t wait around too long because I’ve been waiting for this moment since the last time he said goodbye. I crawl backward until my feet touch the floor and stand in front of him.

“Are you really going to jack off?” I ask him, mesmerized and unable to stop staring. If I weren’t so hungry for his cock, I’d stay like this, watching him pleasure himself. But fuck, I’m not. I’m needy and greedy. Self-restraint has never been my strong suit, especially when it comes to Mammoth.

“Mmm,” he mumbles, stroking faster, squeezing harder.

I push his hand away and straddle his legs, hovering above his length. “You’re a fucker, baby,” I whisper, running my finger down the side of his face, staring into his gray eyes. “But let me remind you how much better my pussy is compared to your hand.”

He reaches out, placing his hand on my hip. “Teach me a lesson,” he teases, his eyes dipping to my tits. “Give me some sweet punishment.”

I snake my arm around his good shoulder, resting my hand at the back of his neck, careful not to touch anywhere near his bandages. “Hold on, because I’m about to rock your world.”

He digs his fingertips into my hip and growls, telling me he likes my dirty talk even though it’s lame as hell.

I bend my head forward, taking his lips with mine as I lower my bottom and grab his cock with my free hand, lining up our bodies.

He moans his approval as I push myself down, enveloping just the tip.

“You like this?” I ask, whispering against his lips, feeling his body tense underneath me.

“Yes,” he whispers back, opening his eyes to stare at me. “I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you. I need that sweet cunt, princess. I need you.”

Did he beg? Not really.

But did he say all the magical words? Yes.

I am done playing games.

Done trying to one-up each other.

I need Mammoth too.

I need his cock.

I need the connection.

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