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Devious Love(2)
Author: Jaxson Kidman

“One, you were dreaming of Noah, Easton, and Xavier. You can’t even hide from them in your dreams. That’s not good, darling.”

“What’s the other prediction?” I asked.

“Thought you didn’t care?”

“You already started talking…”

“Right,” Talon said. “Second prediction. You were thinking about me.”

“Now that’s a nightmare,” I said.

Talon laughed. “Come hang for a minute. Get some air. Let’s go.”

He swung his legs over the bed and jumped off like it was nothing.

That made my heart jump.

I carefully climbed down the loose ladder.

The bed was creaky. Not safe.

But it was the only bed I had at the moment.

The name of the game was to hide out and think.

Talon grabbed my hand and walked me out of the bedroom.

Trocs lived in long, skinny houses.

They had quite a few bedrooms in each house, but each room was really small. Like it was made to cram in as many people as possible. Which is what the Trocs did. It was family, friends, or whoever else needed a bed.

That’s how Talon’s house was. I wasn’t sure if it was actually his house or not.

I didn’t ask.

I was starting to learn that in life sometimes the less I knew, the better off I was.

We walked the mile-long hallway in the dark.

The house had a smell to it.

Kind of like old clothes, old food, and dust.

There were no cleaning people or personal chefs or anything that was the norm for the Bumps.

I heard laughter.

I pulled at Talon’s hand.

“Who’s here again?” I asked.

He ignored me.

He was such an ass like that.

I hated that he had a sense of power over me.

For the moment, he did.

And to top it off, I owed him money for helping me.

Everywhere I turned I felt like I owed someone something.

Yet all I wanted was my revenge for what had happened.

We entered the living room and I spotted Kace and Crew.

They were sitting on opposite couches, passing a joint back and forth.

The smell of the smoke hit my nose and I cringed.

Emily and Raine were in a chair together, with a bottle of something.

Giggling, pointing and laughing at Kace and Crew.

It was more than obvious the four were plotting their night together. Someone would eventually choose someone and then just run with it.

There were a handful of others there.

I didn’t care who they were.

I didn’t want to know their names.

“Ah, man, look… that’s a Bump,” some guy said.

“Ah, man, look,” I said. “It’s my middle finger.” I lifted my middle finger. “You like that?”

“I bet you’d like it if I used my middle finger on you,” the guy said.

Talon snapped his fingers. “Brock, shut it.”

“What the fuck?” Brock asked.

“I said to shut up,” Talon ordered.

“Ah, fuck, he’s hitting a Bump,” someone else said. “Talon is hitting a Bump. Take that shit off the checklist.”

“What checklist?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Talon said.

“Winter, we have a checklist,” Kace said. “It’s fun shit to do.”

“Kace, not now,” Talon said.

“Yeah, yeah, got it,” Kace said. He held the joint out. “Want some, Winter?”

“No thanks,” I said. “I’m good right here.”

“Come hang with us,” Emily said. “Have a little sippy, sippy.”

“You can jump right on us,” Raine said. “We can fill you in on everyone. You need to know their secrets to take them all down.”

“What secrets?” Crew asked.

“Not you,” Emily said. She pointed at Brock. “I’ll tell her your secret.”

“I don’t have a secret,” Brock said.

“Oh, bullshit,” Raine said. She started to laugh.

“What’s the secret then?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Talon said. “What’s the secret, Emily?”

“You know what it is, Talon,” Emily said. “Brock is missing a few inches downstairs.”

Everyone let out an ooohhh sound.

“Fuck off,” Brock said. “That was one person who said it.”

“That’s all it takes,” Raine said.

“That’s why you need to use your middle finger then?” I asked.

Kace clapped. “Yes! Look at Winter go!”

“You know what?” Brock asked. He stepped toward me. “You dumb fucking Bump. What the fuck are you doing here? Trying to pretend that you fit in? You don’t know shit about this life…”

“That’s enough, Brock,” Talon said.

“No, I’m not done,” Brock said. “I’m going to turn this bitch Bump around, bend her over and-”

Talon swung and hit Brock in the jaw.

That’s all it took to drop him.

He hit the floor and Crew ran over and pointed.

I gasped.

The girls giggled.

Crew counted to ten then yelled ‘Ding! Ding! Ding!’

He grabbed Talon’s arm and lifted it. “Total fucking knockout!”

They all cheered and clapped as Brock started to stir.

I inched away from Talon. “I need to go back to sleep.”

“Need me?” he whispered.

I bit my lip. I hated to admit it…

“Yes, Talon, I need you.”



It wasn’t anything like that.

Talon would just stay in the bed with me. On the opposite end. I would shut my eyes and face the wall. Take deep breaths. As long as some body part was touching me, I felt safe. His leg touching mine, over the covers, that was fine.

I fell asleep and stayed asleep without any other dreams.

When I woke up to the room filled with sunlight, I reached for my phone.

It always scared me that I hadn’t heard from Noah, Easton, or Xavier.

They claimed they knew the truth about my memory but they hadn’t tried anything. Yet.

The yet part was the worst of it all.

The yet part was why I had submerged myself into the Troc world.

I sent Gia a quick text to let her know I was alive and safe.

She was the only one who knew where I was and why.

I climbed down from the bunkbed and exited the bedroom the way I always did. I looked up and down the hallway like it was a busy road. Then I walked on my toes.

The smell of the house hit me again.

I fought really hard not to judge Talon for the way he lived.

He certainly lived up to the Troc life though.

Then again, they weren’t rich like the Bumps.

I stepped into the bathroom and cringed when I looked at the toilet.

All I could picture was guys like Brock drinking too much and puking into the toilet. And I knew that Talon wasn’t the type to clean a bathroom.

There were two tiles on the floor that were cracked.

The shower curtain was open and the tile was a dark pink color.

Really old looking stuff.

When I turned on the water, the pipes gave a quiet groan and then spit some water before running like normal.

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