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Their Dragon Mate
Author: Elle Boon





FIRST AND FOREMOST, I’d like to thank all you amazing readers for loving Lula and wanting her story. I hope y’all are ready for it and truly enjoy this journey she and her bears go on. P.S. There is a crazy demon sighting and as the saying goes...#dontlookdown. “Wink”. Oh, and if I can get my muse to keep on the same path, I just might have a surprise Christmas story coming out, so be sure and keep your eyes and ears open.

To my amazing team of beta Readers, y’all rock sooo effing hard. Thank you for all you do to make my books so amazing and help me keep my sheot straight. And last, but certainly not least, you readers are the best ever. FLOVE y’all soo hard.





Their Dragon Mate Blurb

A Forbidden Love. A Bond Tying Them Together.

A Secret That Could Destroy Them All.

She’s always taken the path less traveled. They’ve always barreled through roadblocks. Can they find a way to be together without losing themselves?

Lula’s a Fierce Dragon... She’s given bits of herself to others when she was sure she had no mate of her own, even knowing it would cost her life at some point.

Atika and Abyle, Twins with A Purpose... They lived to protect their clan, until their brother took over as alpha. Just as they think they can relax, they meet their truemate. A feisty dragon female who runs from them.

The Triad Bond... Their beast won’t be denied, but finding their little dragon proves harder than they’d anticipated. However, once they bond with her, there’s no denying the love they share. What they didn’t foresee was a stranger from Lula’s past coming for her and her mother.

Will the trio have a chance at happily ever after, or will the Dragon King who lost his greatest treasures demand back, or kill who stands in his way?

Get ready for an exciting return of some of your favorite characters in this stand-alone...sort of “wink” story. You just might hear from the Fey Queen, the bad boy alpha Kellen, and what would a reunionish story be without #dontlookdown aka Creed.



Chapter One



LULA WAS A DRAGON FEMALE older than, well, she was older than the dirt on Earth. Much older than the wolfies her Fey Queen Jennaveve had claimed as her own, which in turn, Lula had now claimed. Now the bearies, they were another Goddesses’ creations, but since she appeared to be sleeping on the job, Lula being the awesome dragon she was, stepped up and did what awesome dragons do. Saved the day. Only when she popped her cute little dragon butt into the Alpha Bearies house with one of Jenna’s wolfies, what happened? Oh, two huge hunka hunka burnin love bearies went all alpha He-man on her. “You’re ours, female,” she muttered in a false baritone as she stood outside the Iron Wolves club, biting her thumbnail. Such a bad habit, but seriously, she had a few worse ones.

Okay, so she might have turned tail and popped out of there like a little beotch, but it wasn’t every day that a thousand-year-young dragon came across twin bearies, who claimed she was theirs. Nor was it every day that her inner dragon hussy said, ‘Yes please’ and wanted to strip out of the human clothes and allow them to claim her right then and there. Nope, she was not ready. She was still young by dragon standards. Not to mention she had an overprotective mama dragon who was older than...well, she didn’t know how old her mama was, but way older than a few thousand human years.

“You gonna stand out there all night, or you coming inside?”

She pretended the alpha of the Iron Wolves abrupt appearance didn’t startle her. Of course, the small flame that shot out of her mouth, burning the bush next to the entrance might be a slight indicator she lost control, but Kellen Styles didn’t say a word. Smart male. “I was thinking, Alpha.”

Kellen raised one dark brow as he looked at the bush, then back at Lula. “Try not to think too hard; that was my mates’ gift to me.” He folded his brawny arms over his chest. The tattoos on display flexed as he stood there, waiting. He really was a very sexy male, but he wasn’t hers.

“What kind of...bush was it?” For the life of her, she couldn’t make out what it was. The flames done made it nothing more than ash.

“A bleeding heart. And before you ask, it was beautiful with pink upside-down hearts. It had sentimental value.” Kellen nodded at the pile of ashes.

Lula took a deep breath, then waved her hand, the magic inside her taking away what she’d destroyed, replacing it with another bush like he’d described. “How’s that?”

The big bad alpha stared at the new bush, then at Lula. “Appears to be exactly like what was there, maybe even better. Want to come inside, or do you need another minute, or...”

“Is everyone here?” she asked, pointing at the packed parking lot.

“Yeah, the girls brought the babies for a moms playdate or some shit.” He shrugged.

She laughed at the disgruntled tone in his voice. “Sounds like fun.” She turned toward the door. “That’s between you and me, yes?” She gestured toward the new-and-improved bleeding hearts bush.

Kellen looked down into her eyes. “Unless my mate asks me, yes.”

“Good enough. Let’s go check out this mom’s playdate. I could use a drink, how ‘bout you?” Lula wound her arm through Kellen’s. It was strange how easy it was to be around the wolfies, especially since her dragon didn’t usually get along well with other species. Yet wolves and cats didn’t rile her, and never had. Now, bearies were another matter. She pushed the last thought to the back of her mind, determined to speak with the mates of Kellen and the others who were available. She needed to find out what the women had felt, and how they’d dealt with things when they’d come face to face with the men who might, or might not, have been their truemates. Not that she was admitting the twin bearies were hers, but you know, a girl needed to know these things.

Knowledge was power and all that sheot she’d been told all her life. However, she breathed fire, so there was that. Lula was sure she’d need all the power and knowledge for what she felt was coming. Deep within her, there was an inner warning screaming that something big was coming, something much larger than a simple mating and for that, she wanted to be prepared.

When Kellen opened the door, the sound of a kid’s movie playing blared instead of the usual rock music, making the alpha wince and her smile. “Ah, how things have changed, my friend.”

“You ain’t seen shit,” he muttered.

She blinked and blinked again; not sure she was actually seeing what she was. “What is on those baby girls’ heads?”

Romie and Rebel stood faster than Lula thought two teen girls were capable, Rebel’s wolfie snarl filling the air with pure menace. “Who are you, and what do you want?”

Lula walked farther into the room, her head swiveling from big bow to big bow, stopping as she reached one of the mothers holding a cute little nugget. “Where did you get such creations?” Lula pointed at the child’s head. The bow in question was like an explosion of flowers in every color of the rainbow.

Lyric laughed. “They come from an online boutique called Little Booney’s Bows. They do these drops on certain days. It’s like all the mamas are online waiting for it like it’s Black Friday, but there’s a limited supply. We’re literally on the computer, or on our phones with the site up, gift cards downloaded and ready to tap our fingers to get our carts loaded online.”

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