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No Words (Little Bridge Island #3)
Author: Meg Cabot


This novel is dedicated to book lovers everywhere




Please be aware that although this book is a romantic comedy, it does contain depictions of and discussions about sexual harassment, past (off the page) parental death and depression, a brief disappearance at sea, and both threatened and on-the-page violence (in a book characters are reading within this book).



Little Bridge Book Festival

“Building Bridges Between Authors and Readers”

Norman J. Tifton Public Library

Little Bridge Island, FL

Dear Ms. Wright,

Greetings from beautiful Little Bridge Island, Florida!

My name is Molly Hartwell and I’m the children’s librarian at the Norman J. Tifton Public Library. As a longtime fan of your middle-grade series, Kitty Katz, Kitten Sitter, I’m writing to invite you to our library’s first-ever book festival. I think you would bring in an enormous and well-deserved children’s audience.

Although this is our library’s first book festival, the planning for this three-day event—starting next year on Friday, January 3, and concluding the afternoon of Sunday, January 5—has been in the works for some time. This past year we have received our nonprofit status, as well as tremendous financial support from donors who cherish literature like yours.

That’s how we’re able to offer you first-class airfare to Little Bridge Island, a luxury suite at the Lazy Parrot Inn, and a $10,000 stipend in exchange for you being a panelist. We’d love for you to do a signing, as well!

Please let me know your thoughts. I’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have, and encourage you to visit our website for details about the festival, as well.

It would mean so much to me personally, Ms. Wright, if you would consider attending Little Bridge’s first-ever book festival. I know we’re a small town and don’t necessarily have the kind of amenities that a lot of the larger festivals you attend might, but we plan to make up for that with wonderful weather and good, old-fashioned charm!


Molly Hartwell

Children’s Librarian

Norman J. Tifton Public Library

[email protected]




Jo Wright: I just got offered 10 grand to speak and sign at a book festival on Little Bridge Island. Should I go?


Rosie Tate: Are you in a financial position right now where you can afford to turn down $10,000?


Jo Wright: You’re my agent, you tell me.

When’s my next check coming?


Rosie Tate: Not until you hand in Kitty Katz #27.


Jo Wright: I’d hand in Kitty Katz #27 if I could think of something new for Kitty to do. But she’s already done it all.


Rosie Tate: Kitty hasn’t done it all. She hasn’t gone to space.


Jo Wright: How is a teenaged cat going to get to space?


Rosie Tate: You’re the writer. Make something up.


Jo Wright: I’m having a little difficulty in that area at the moment.


Rosie Tate: I’ve noticed. You’ve missed your extended-extended deadline. Again.


Jo Wright: So basically you’re saying I better accept this gig or I’ll be broke.


Rosie Tate: How can you be broke? Kitty has made millions of dollars over the past seven years, and I just sent you a royalty check.


Jo Wright: I know, but I had to buy Justin out for his half of the apartment when he decided to move to LA to pursue his dream of being a screenwriter. By which I mean, play video games all day on the West Coast instead of in my living room.


Rosie Tate: I’m glad you kicked the mooch out.


Jo Wright: Whatever. At least I got the apartment. And I still have plenty of savings. But they’re all in retirement accounts I can’t touch until I’m 591/2. That’s 27 years from now. So I really need some cash if I’m going to get my dad moved someplace warm. He can’t spend another winter here in NY. He broke his wrist twice on the ice last year. And since he isn’t old enough yet to qualify for Medicaid and has the worst insurance, I had to pay cash both times for his treatment!


Rosie Tate: Then I think you’d better say yes to the book festival.


Jo Wright: I know, right? But I can’t accept the gig, because this book festival is on Little Bridge Island.


Rosie Tate: What’s wrong with Little Bridge Island? I’ve heard it’s lovely. One of my other authors went there and said the tropical breeze was so inspiring, she wrote two whole chapters a day the entire time she was there.


Jo Wright: Well, good for her. But don’t you know who lives on Little Bridge Island?


Rosie Tate: No, should I?


Jo Wright: 1 Attachment


Famous Author Buys Private Island in Florida Keys

One of the Florida Keys’ most notable—and expensive—estates has finally sold for a cool $6,000,000. Located just offshore Little Bridge, this unique private island features an opulent eight-bedroom, nine-bath mansion with its own boat dock, white sand beach, and pool, and is now the home of bestselling author William Price. Price, known as much for his reclusiveness as for his internationally bestselling novels of tragic love and loss, had been home-shopping in the area for some time before snapping up the island.

All seven of Price’s novels have been adapted into films grossing into the hundreds of millions. The author was not available for comment.


Rosie Tate: Oh, HIM. Jo, that was ages ago. No one even remembers it.


Jo Wright: It was at Novel Con last year. Everyone in the publishing industry remembers it.


Rosie Tate: Well, he’s an ass. But of course you should go. You probably won’t even see him.


Jo Wright: Have you ever even been to a book festival? OF COURSE I’m going to see him. I’ll probably have to sit right next to him on some dumb panel.


Rosie Tate: I don’t see how. You write delightful little stories for children about a teenaged cat who has exciting adventures while babysitting adorable kittens. He writes horrible books about heartbroken women who fall in love with arrogant dullards who then thankfully die.


Jo Wright: You know at these book festivals they make all the authors go to dinner and cocktail parties with the donors, right? So I’m sure I’ll see him at one of those.


Rosie Tate: Oh. Well, just say you aren’t feeling well and sit on your hotel balcony and write in the lovely tropical breeze! Only come out to give your speech, do your signing, and collect your check.


Jo Wright: No. I don’t want to risk it. Can you just contact the organizers before I say yes and see if he’s going to be there?


Rosie Tate: Of course. You have my word: YOU WILL NEVER SEE WILL PRICE AGAIN.



From Will Price, the #1 internationally bestselling author of When the Heart Dies and The Betrayal, comes a timeless, deeply personal tale of love and loss:

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