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Fallen Royal (Mafia Royals #4)
Author: Rachel Van Dyken



This one’s to my team and everyone in the Rockin’ Readers Fan group who said Maksim needed a book. Enjoy!



Author Note

This is the fourth Mafia Royals Romance standalone; I know you probably already know that since you picked up this book, but hey, let’s just repeat it again! ;) If you recognize some of the names in this book, it’s because back in 2010, I wrote a series called Eagle Elite, and the parents in this series are the OG’s of Eagle Elite. That series got extremely long (as you can imagine), so I decided we needed fresh blood back at Eagle Elite University, and that started with Ruthless Princess and continues the saga with Scandalous Prince and Destructive King and now drumroll Fallen Royal.

If you are an EE fan, then this is the part where you may nerd out and want a family tree; I have that on the very next page, NEVER FEAR! If you’re new, just scroll on by, it won’t matter to you, haha, and you’ll be like yeah, I don’t care. And you don’t NEED to know any backstory, because again, this is a new series (do you like how I keep repeating that), oh by the way, it’s a new series.

So if you’ve made it this far, this is the part where I tell you what I always tell you, and that’s that this book is very different from the others in a way that’s unique to Maksim and his journey.

This book will make you laugh because Maksim has such an amazing personality. You might shed a few tears in between—going, what the heck am I reading? I’m not gonna lie a few times, I was like, what the heck am I writing?

This book stretched me probably more than any other book I’ve written since Elude. I’m so proud of the finished product and can’t wait for you to read it!


Up Until Now Review…

Junior and Serena almost died for their love, total enemies to lovers romance where bad things happen, but in the end, they survive. As all of the second-generation young adults are at Eagle Elite, they soon realize that someone wants to kill them—and they’re out for blood, sending anything from bombs to warnings like white stuffed horses. Valerian and Violet are also together, and he’s now taken over as the boss of another family. Ash’s book focuses on his emotions after being threatened with his fiancé all over again, which brings us to Maksim and Izzy, our fun-loving science and math nerds, as Maksim tries to pull the pieces back together—he just might have to get his hands covered in blood to do it.



Who’s Who in the Cosa Nostra

Nixon and Trace Abandonato. Nixon is the boss of the Abandonato Family; he’s a bit psycho, has a lip ring, and in his mid-forties, looks like a freaking badass. Think if Jason Momoa and Channing Tatum had a baby. SURPRISE, Nixon! Trace is the love of his life. Nixon’s daughter, Serena, is his pride and joy; she’s the heir to his throne and in love with Junior Nicolasi. His adopted son Dom is ten years older than Serena. At thirty and married to Tanit, he’s ready to step in if he needs to, but he really doesn’t want to, not that he’s thinking about a family of his own. Nixon’s youngest, Bella, was a most welcome surprise.

Phoenix and Bee Nicolasi (formerly De Lange) have one son, Junior, and he’s everything. The same age as Serena, he has only ever had one thing on his mind. Her. And now he has her. Pursuing her was like signing his own death sentence. The one rule that the bosses gave all the cousins, all the kids, no dating each other, it complicates things. They all took a blood oath. But he risked it all, for just one taste—and is still here to tell about it (Ruthless Princess).

Which brings us to Chase and Luciana Abandonato; their love story is one for the ages. He had Violet first, gorgeous, Violet Emiliana Abandonato, now married to her own boss Valerian Petrov (Scandalous Prince). And then he had twins, God help him. Asher (Marco) and Izzy. All are attending Eagle Elite University. Violet is more into books than people. And the twins… well, they are polar opposites. While Izzy is quiet and reserved, taking after her uncle Sergio in the tech support part of the mafia, Asher was an assassin at age twelve. He takes care of everyone even though he’s younger than Serena and Junior. Falling in love with Annie has made his protective streak even stronger. And don’t forget the baby of the family, Ariel, who everyone dotes on.

Tex and Mo Campisi. He’s the godfather of this joint, gorgeous, he’s a gentle giant unless he’s pissed, and his wife, Mo, is just as violent as he is. They have two sons, Breaker and King. Breaker, their adoptive son, is really Valerian Petrov. He just took over as the boss of the Petrov (Russian) Family, releasing Andrei Petrov Sinacore from that role. He’s now married to Violet Abandonato, the love of his life (Scandalous Prince). On the other hand, King is vying for top whore at Eagle Elite University, going as far as to seduce his own older… tutor (that he doesn’t need).

Sergio and Valentina are also Abandonatos. While Val is quiet and reserved, Sergio is the resident doctor of the Families. He’s also really into tech and loves spying on people. They have two gorgeous daughters. Kartini has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. He just hopes he survives her first year of college without shooting one of her boyfriends like her newest obsession Tank De Lange. With Lydia, he knows she can take care of herself. She already beat up the class bully, making Sergio quite proud.

Dante and El don’t have things easier; they’re one of the younger mafia families, he’s the head of the Alfero Family. And he has two twin girls at age eleven who are making him pull his hair out. Raven and Tempest are adorable, but they’re feisty like their mom. He lets them have more screen time than he should, but they say he’s their favorite in the world, sooooo… he lets it pass.

Andrei and Alice have been through a lot. Their name single-handedly brought the Russian Mafia into the Italian fold then successfully handed over the Russian throne to the true rightful heir, Valerian. Andrei is both Petrov and Sinacore, meaning that the oldest Italian mafia family is now part of the Cosa Nostra. Forever and will stay that way if he has anything to say about it. Their son’s name is Maksim, and weirdly enough, he’s a total flirt; he takes nothing seriously but can flip a switch in a minute if someone he loves is threatened. Anya is his little sister, and he would do anything for her; she seems fragile but studies Krav Maga, so nobody messes with her.

These are the Families of the Cosa Nostra.

Welcome to the Family.

Blood in. No out.



Mafia Royals

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“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” —Edgar Allan Poe


I fell in love with her when it was right. We were throwing mud, she got some in my eyes, and I was convinced that I was going to go blind at eleven. So I chased her.

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