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The New Boss(9)
Author: Penny Wylder

I love the little shiver that goes through her.

The place I’m taking her now doesn’t even have an official name. It’s a hole-in-the-wall place that looks more like a door that leads to a shady mob hangout than one of the best barbecue joints in the city. The Oteros are known for their Italian food and restaurants, but they have a fascination with barbecue that doesn’t exactly fit their brand. Nevertheless, this place is something they only tell their best customers about.

It’s dark and smoky and there are only about five tables. It’s absolutely perfect.

Brooke looks at the entrance when we get out of the car. “Is this the part where you kill me?”

“Only after you try the food. Though it’s so good that you might die first.”

Her comfortable smile is back, along with the glimmer in her eyes. Marco is ready for us, and he pulls me into a hug to slap me on the back. “It’s been a long time. I swear to God, Malcolm, if you’ve been eating someone else’s barbecue.”

“Never. I’ve just been busy.”

“You’re never too busy to eat. Come on.”

At least he doesn’t give me a hard time about Brooke. When we sit down at the table, there’s already a full spread. Pulled pork. Bread. Wings. A sampling of their best. I love the look on Brooke’s face, and when she bites into the pork and moans, the sound goes straight to my cock.


“Much better,” she laughs. “And this is definitely the best barbecue that I’ve had in L.A. But I’m from Georgia. So if you want to know what true glory tastes like, you’re going to have to come with me and try some real native BBQ.”


We both freeze. She said it as a joke, but my agreement wasn’t one. It was instinctual, and completely earnest. Brooke smiles though, cheeks pink. “Okay. We’ll have to…put it on the books.”

I’m getting caught up in this woman so fucking fast that I can’t breathe, and I don’t ever want to stop. She’s a breath of fresh air off the Pacific. Bright sunshine and warmth: she’s everything that I’ve wanted and everything that I thought I had—

I force those thoughts out of my head and focus back on her and the way she’s enjoying this. She tells me about the play that she’s auditioning for, and I fucking love the way she comes alive while talking about the character that she wants. Brooke needs to be an actress. She’s suited for it, and unlike the many that I’ve met who are more interested in fame than the work, she’s secretly a theater nerd. It’s beautiful.

When dinner is finally over, I feel like I’m drunk off her. The sun is setting and the sky is on fire. I don’t want this night to end.

I keep her tucked into my side as we walk to the car.

“Are you going to drive me home?”

“I’d much rather drive you to my place. Is that okay?”

“Fuck, yes.” She blows out a breath in relief. “And fast as you can without breaking the law, okay? Because I need you. Sir.”

Los Angeles traffic has never been more frustrating than this moment. I feel like I’m not even conscious of my surroundings because I’m so focused on her. On the way, she keeps rubbing her legs together in anticipation. The way she keeps looking over at me. The way she keeps reaching over to touch me like she can’t quite believe that I’m real.

I pull into my parking garage, and I don’t take my time. We’re practically running to the elevator, and Brooke is laughing. “Wait. The heels.”

“Don’t you dare take them off,” I growl. “I want you in those and only those.”

“Oh my God.” Her voice is breathy.

I pull her into the elevator and punch the code for the penthouse before I pin her to the wall and take her mouth. This is what I wanted to do the first time I met her. Before I even knew who she was and all I knew was the brief feeling of her body on mine. Now that I’ve had everything, I want it so much more.

The combination of her mouth and the dizzying speed of the elevator is fucking perfect. Her body is pliant against mine, arching up, pressing against me in every way that she can.

A chime sounds and the door slides open. We’re barely through the door before I’m peeling her out of her dress and her hands are pushing my jacket off my shoulders. “I promise I’ll give you a tour later.”

“You’re giving me a tour now. We’re just seeing the bedroom first.”

I laugh. “I like the way you think.”

“And you like the way I fuck.”

The sound that comes out of me is pure need. I strip the rest of her clothes off so that she’s only in the heels before I scoop her up and walk straight to my bedroom. There’s not anything in this place that I haven’t personally chosen, and I chose a fucking huge bed. A bed that’s been empty for far too long.

I lay her out, loving the way her hair spreads across my comforter. The only reason I step away from her is to get a condom. I need to be inside her so badly that I can’t breathe.


“Don’t talk,” she says. “Just fuck me.”

She’s already so wet that she’s glistening, and I can’t resist the urge to lean down and taste her. Brooke moans, and I push her thighs wider apart. Her pussy is sweet and rich and the best damn dessert that I’ve ever had in my life.

I suck her clit between my lips. Graze it with my teeth. Set up a rhythm with my tongue to stroke the underside of it until she’s writhing under my hands even though I’m holding her still. Dipping my tongue into her pussy, I groan. God, I could do this all night and not get tired of it. But I also know what her pussy feels like, and I need to feel her like I need to breathe.

Brooke is shaking under my mouth, and I pull away before she can go over the edge. “No.” She reaches for me, and I shift, thrusting into her deep. Her pussy spasms around my cock, her scream echoing off the walls of my bedroom as the orgasm takes her. She arches off the bed. I drink in the sight of her pleasure while I work myself deeper.

Lifting her legs, I toss them over my shoulders. Those goddamn shoes are so fucking hot, and the way she’s shifting and tensing, I can feel them. Exactly like I wanted.

I’ve already been all the way inside her, but somehow this feels so much deeper. She’s squeezing me so hard that I see white. Never in my life have I felt the way I do with her. Every time I’m inside her, it’s more than just sex. It’s perfection that I never want to end.

Arms wrap around my neck, and I slip my hands under her, lifting her ass so I can drive in harder. That last little bit that carries her over again, words and breath in my ear begging me for more.

My orgasm is so close, I’m not going to last. I can’t last. But Brooke is in my bed, and we have all night. Pleasure blasts through my body like a solar flare. I’m entirely in its grip. And I know immediately that this is something I won’t ever forget—and the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my fucking life.

I nearly collapse on top of Brooke, loving the feel of her breathing underneath me. I don’t pull out of her yet. Connected like this, I don’t want it to be over yet. After a week of office sex, she’s finally laid out in front of me like a feast. Pinning her arms to the bed, I kiss her. “Now that I have you in my bed, I’m going to memorize you.”

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