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The New Boss(7)
Author: Penny Wylder

There’s no more time. He stands and pushes the chair into the desk, blocking me in. Oh my God. He’s serious. I hear him unlock the door and the voice of one of the other secretaries on the floor. “Sorry, Mr. Meyer. These men are here for you, and I don’t know where your secretary went.”

“She’s on a personal errand for me. Thank you, Diana. Come in, please.”

I could come anyway. Would he really know? I have no doubt that I can work myself up to another orgasm that will be ready for him by the time the meeting is over. And yet…I’m not quiet. I’ve never been a silent lover. Even by myself.

And more than that, I want to see where this goes. There’s a tantalizing curiosity building up under my skin along with the pleasure that’s at my fingertips. Malcolm barely had time to unleash himself. What happens when he actually has time?

Male voices fill the office, and I try to focus on them. To listen to what Malcolm is saying. I can tell through his tone and his laughter that he’s fully in control of the meeting, just like right now he’s fully in control of me. But my mind is scattering and reforming as I touch myself, daring to slip my fingers down and in before backing off and holding myself back until I can breathe.

I grab onto the seat of his chair and hold on. I bite my lip. Everything that I can possibly do to hold myself back while still going. Still teasing my clit. I’m breathing hard and trying to keep myself quiet. All the while I’m holding onto his voice, slightly muffled by the desk. It’s like he’s right there whispering in my ear.

God, this is insane. But I love it. Whatever made HR pick me from that stack of applicants and interviews, I never imagined this. Fuck, I never dreamed that this could happen. Ever. And I’m okay with it. This is an adventure and a game that I’ll never have again. I want to see where it leads.

My thong is soaked, and I’m writhing on my knees. How long has it been? I have no idea. My world has shrunk to the small bundle of nerves under my fingers. Holy shit, I don’t know if I’m going to make it. I don’t know if I’m going to make it.

It takes me a second to realize that there’s silence in the office. Malcolm pulls the chair out from the desk and hauls me up to my feet. I’m not supporting myself, my knees almost numb. He takes one look at me and smiles. “Good job.”

And that’s the last thing he says before spreading me out on the desk. Papers crunch under my back and there’s a pen under my hip and I don’t fucking care because his mouth is on me right over the lace of my thong. “Oh, fuck.”

“I barely got through that meeting, thinking about the taste of you.”

I’m not capable of speech. Just feeling. Arching. Reaching. Moaning when he gets tired of the fabric blocking his tongue and tears the thong away from my skin like it’s made of tissue paper.

Malcolm seals his mouth over my clit and sucks. I break apart, shattering into a million bright pieces. I barely keep myself from screaming, holding my hands over my own mouth to muffle the sound.

Pleasure so sharp that it slices through me. It’s built up for so long that it’s absolutely fucking explosive. Totally worth the torture and the wait. It never seems to end. He licks down and fucks me with his tongue before swirling back up and over my clit again and again and again. Every stroke is a shining star that lights up into a firework.

I collapse back into my body, gasping, panting.

Malcolm’s lips are wet when he looks up at me. There’s dark fire in his eyes. He’s just as in control now as when I was under the desk. I still can’t speak and don’t want to. All I want is more.

He pulls me off the desk and gives me just that, bending me over the surface and barely stopping to don the condom before he slams into me. “Fuck,” he growls.

My whole body is sensitized. His hands on my hips feel like they’re sinking through my skin, and the friction of his cock is sending me into the stratosphere. I don’t have to try to come again. Pleasure that unfurls in my gut and pulls me down. It wraps itself around me. Drowns me. I curl my fingers around the edge of the desk and hold on.

Malcolm is doing exactly what I asked.

He is unleashed.

I’ve never been fucked like this. Not even last night against the window. It’s mind-altering. Life changing. Perfect.

My mouth is open in a silent scream, and I just dissolve into a being of nothing but pleasure. He groans as he drives himself harder, finding his own pleasure and nearly collapsing onto me. I’m locked between him and the desk, impaled and taken.

This is the best job that I’ve ever fucking had.

Malcolm slowly pulls away. We’re both still breathing hard, and my legs are shaking. What do you even say about that?

He steps away to the bar, and I lower my skirt. Fix the buttons on my blouse. When he comes back he has a napkin and gently helps me clean up the lipstick smears on my face. This isn’t the cold distance that he showed last night. Anything but.

“What the hell are we doing?” I breathe.

He shakes his head, and an amused smile is on his face. “I have no fucking idea. But I don’t want it to stop. Do you?”


His eyes meet mine. “I tried to tell myself it’s just chemistry, and that we got it out of our system. That didn’t really work.”

I laugh. “No kidding.”

“I’ve never done this with someone who works for me. I shouldn’t.”

“Maybe not.” I catch his hand as he finishes cleaning my skin. “But I shouldn’t really be fucking my boss either.”

We stare at each other, and it’s like a magnet. I can’t stop the way I’m leaning toward him, and he’s there too. The kiss is soft and perfect. A blooming pleasure that makes me ache for more. When he pulls away, I see the same desire in his eyes. “Let’s stop thinking about should and shouldn’t for a while,” he says. “Because this isn’t something I can ignore.”

“Thank fuck.”

He laughs. “I didn’t expect you, Brooke Stewart.”

Hopping off the desk, I walk towards the door and look over my shoulder. “I should get back to work. But don’t worry, I always try to be unexpected. Sir.”

I feel his eyes on my ass until I’m out of sight.









I don’t know if I want to wait until Monday.


I send the text quickly, without thinking too much about it. I’ve been doing that a lot lately because I frankly can’t believe that this has moved this fast. Every day of this week has been a whirlwind of sex and playful conversation.

Brooke is everything that I never expected and everything that I didn’t know that I needed. I hadn’t realized just how much I’d been dreading the work week and how exhausted I’d been feeling. But every day this week I’ve come in eager to be here.

Granted, the guarantee of amazing sex would make anyone happy. But it’s more than that. Brooke isn’t afraid of me. She gives back as much as she takes, and I like that. When you get to where I am, there’s not a whole lot of people who don’t just tell you what you want to hear. Brooke feels real.

That’s what I think makes her acting so brilliant. She doesn’t say anything that’s not completely genuine. You can’t help but believe her. So yesterday, before we left the office—both still panting from fucking on the floor of my office, we exchanged numbers.

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