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The New Boss(6)
Author: Penny Wylder

“This is what you needed?”

“Yes.” He doesn’t even look at what I’ve handed him. Instead, I get the feeling that he’s talking about me. What?

Bravery fills me, and I dare to look at him closer. His icy eyes are a darker shade of blue, and he’s gripping the arms of his desk chair so hard that his knuckles are white. He’s looking me up and down, catching on the outfit that I put together like he’s seeing me for the first time today.

I smirk at him. “You’re noticing me now?”

For a second I think I see a flash of anger. “You think that I haven’t noticed you?”

“You seemed a little…cold and focused this morning. Not that I blame you. I’m not exactly sure what last night was—”

Malcolm stands, cutting off my words. It hasn’t even been a day and I’ve already forgotten just how far he towers over me. “If you’re not sure, then maybe you need a reminder. Shut the door.”

My breath catches, and I know that I shouldn’t. That this is a dangerous game to play. But all I’m thinking about is the way that he filled me up and made me scream and there’s no way that I’m going to say no to that.

I close the door, and then a hand is reaching out from behind me to flick the lock. He’s pressed against my back, cock already completely hard. “I was trying to ignore you. So fucking hard. Because last night was unprofessional of me.”

“I didn’t mind.”

He growls into my neck. “And then you showed up in this fucking skirt, and I’ve been hard all morning thinking about tearing it off you.”

My eyes flutter closed at the sheer heat that rolls through me. “Good.”

“You’re playing with fire, Brooke. Tempting me.”

“Maybe I like fire.”

His hand weaves into my hair, pulling my head back so he can kiss my neck. Whisper in my ear. “I have fifteen minutes before people walk into my office.”

“Sounds like you have a problem then,” I gasp. “A cock that hard can’t possibly be comfortable.”

“Tease.” His voice is raw. “It’s going to take me longer than fifteen minutes to fuck you properly.”

I turn and lean against the door, arching my breasts into him. “Who said anything about you fucking me?” Reaching down, I stroke my fingers down the steel of his shaft, and he groans.

Boldness streaks through me. I like this game that we’re playing. The singing tension between us is back in full force, and I can’t think about anything else. I squeeze him. “Let me take care of this. Then you’ll have your meeting. Then you can fuck me properly.”

A feral smile crosses his face. “Are you going to be the cliche secretary sucking cock beneath the desk?”

The blunt way he says it makes me shiver. I can feel how wet I am. The way my body reacts to Malcolm is like nothing I’ve ever felt. I could just listen to him speak and I’d be wet.

“Yes,” I say, placing my hand on his chest and backing him up. All the way back to his chair and down. I brush my lips on his, barely. “I can’t leave a mark on you here for your meeting.”

Sinking to my knees, I undo his belt and pull his cock out of his pants. “But I can leave one here.”

He’s already hard, cock just as huge and impressive as last night. Malcolm is gripping the arms of the chair again, watching me with an intensity that makes me shake. I press my lips to the tip of him, smearing red across his skin on purpose. His whole body tenses, and he groans again—the sound going straight to my pussy. God, this man turns me on so much I’m going to come without him touching me.

I lock eyes with Malcolm, and lick him. The world’s sexiest lollipop. “You said that you like me on my knees.” I don’t even wait for him to react—I take him into my mouth, slowly. The way he tenses all at once, I know he’s completely focused on me. He’s not going to last long—which is good, because we don’t have long.

Deeper. And deeper again, until my mouth is stretched around his shaft, sucking as I pull back to the tip. I never look away from his eyes, and I swear I feel him get harder against my tongue. Teasing the underside of his cock, I watch his eyes close. Jaw clench. He’s holding himself back. Trying not to do something.

I’m not exactly sure what’s between us yet, but I like the idea of him completely letting go. So I decide to call him on it. “You’re holding something back.”

The look on his face has me pulling my skirt up my thighs, teasing my fingers underneath my thong to my clit. I’m so wet already that my fingers slide over my skin, barely able to find any friction.

“I am. You’re not ready for it.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

He leans forward and grabs my hair again, guiding my mouth to his cock, and from that moment, I’m no longer in control. Malcolm’s hips thrust upwards into my mouth, deeper than I took him. Deep enough that I have to close my eyes. This. This is what he was holding back.

Over and over he drives himself up into me, holding me still. There’s something so fucking hot about him getting off like this. My own fingers are moving, driving streaks of pleasure through my body. I’ve never come from sucking cock…I think that’s about to change.

Malcolm pulls me back and makes me look at him while I breathe. He brushes my thumb over my lower lip. They’re already swollen, and the red of my lipstick is all over his cock. I probably look like a mess, and I can’t bring myself to care at all.

His fingers tighten, and he pulls me back onto his shaft with a groan. All the way down, as far as I can take him, and he holds me there. “Fuck. Yes.” He whispers, thrusting up. Fast, short movements. He’s breathing hard, and I hear the strain in his voice. “Swallow me. Swallow everything.”

Seconds later he comes, filling my mouth with salt and heat. One hand wraps around my throat, holding me in place as he spills everything he has into me. And I do swallow. I’m gasping when he lets me go and I wish that it wasn’t over. I won’t be able to wait through his entire meeting.

I’m getting close, my movements faster. I want this.

Malcolm keeps his hold on me, pulling me up higher on my knees. One hand undoes the buttons on my shirt, pulling my breasts out of my bra one by one, rolling my nipples between his fingers.

And there’s a knock on the door.

We both freeze, and my mind goes blank. This isn’t what I meant. I meant to be finished and to go back to my desk. Now I can’t. I’m too messy and there’s not enough time.

Malcolm smiles and whispers in my ear. “You’re going to stay right here under this desk. And you’re going to keep touching yourself, knowing that you could be caught at any moment.” I barely get a hold on my moan. “You don’t want me to hold back? I won’t. Don’t come. Don’t you dare come until this meeting is over. And believe me, if you do, I’ll know.”

My eyes go wide. “You’re not serious.” I’m already so close.

Another knock on the door. “Mr. Meyer?”

“I am completely serious,” he says, letting me go and tucking his lipstick smeared cock back into his pants. “That orgasm is mine. I’m going to taste it, take it, and then give you more. So you’re not going to come. You’re going to keep yourself just like this.”

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