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The New Boss(5)
Author: Penny Wylder

He’s so big that I feel stretched. Especially with my legs wrapped around his hips, trapped between him and the glass. Behind me all of L.A. is laid out, nothing but air. I swear that I can feel the air and emptiness on the other side of the glass, and I’m dizzy with the sensation of being full and pinned and fucked.

Malcolm doesn’t hold back. The moment he’s fully inside me, he pulls back and drives back into me harder. And harder still. Pleasure and heat slam through me like a tornado of fire. Pure chemistry is on fire, the friction of his cock is perfect.

God, it’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone that I can’t breathe. He’s pure strength, working me with long, plunging strokes while holding me up. Malcolm’s gaze is locked on mine. Icy blue eyes that are an entirely different kind of heat.

“Don’t stop,” I manage to tell him. “Please don’t stop.”

He doesn’t. Instead he leans forward, still fucking, and whispers words in my ear. “I’m not going to stop. I’m going to fill you with my cock until you come all over it.”

I can’t control my voice, moans coming out of me with every stroke. He’s still talking. “And imagine, someone could be watching us right now. Seeing the way I’m filling you up over and over. Now hold on with your legs.”

Obeying, I grip him harder as he slams into me, holding me up with his thrusting and his cock as he grabs my hands. He holds them wide, pinning them against the glass so I’m completely at his mercy, and God, I fucking love it.

Everything shatters but the glass. An orgasm with enough force to break all the windows in the goddamn building. I scream it out, my pussy slamming down on his cock. I’m writhing on him, taking what I need, and riding the waves of pleasure that make my world go white.

And he still doesn’t stop, driving himself into me all the way. Again and again until he’s shaking. His strokes suddenly go erratic, mouth crashing down on mine with a groan. I feel him come, another cascade of pleasure dropping over me.

It takes long minutes for me to fully come back to myself, and when I do, Malcolm is still inside me, and I’m still pinned against the window. His lips are soft on mine, and he tastes rich like whiskey. When he lowers me to the ground, I don’t want him to pull away. But he does.

He’s turning around and slipping on his pants in a way that seems far too quick.

“That was…”

Malcolm nods. “Yes.”

“I’ve never felt anything like that.”

He looks at me and smiles, but it’s distant. Like a wall has been thrown up between us all at once. I know that he was there with me in the moment, but now he’s retreating.

I watch him buttoning his shirt and realize that I’m still naked and leaning against his window. That seems…too vulnerable. I scramble to put my clothes on again, and Malcolm watches me coolly, sipping the glass of whiskey that I tasted on his lips. He’s not speaking, but I can feel his eyes on me.

“Are you still going to work tonight?” I ask.

One side of his mouth tips up into a smirk. “Has to get done sometime.”

I swallow, basking in the way he’s staring at me. He’s still distant, but the carnal knowledge in his eyes sends goosebumps across my skin. “I’ll be back tomorrow, Sir.”

The flare in his eyes is more than enough gratification. He pins me to the floor with those eyes. “Try not to be late this time, Miss Stewart.”

Just the way he says my name makes me shiver. If I stay in this room right now, I’m going to press myself against him again, and the way he’s looking at me and staying across the room tells me that we both know what would happen.

Even knowing that, it takes all of my strength to turn and walk away. Grab my purse and head out. But I still feel like I’m in a daze all the way back to my apartment.

“Hey!” my roommate calls from the kitchen. Amy is an actress like me, though we’re two completely different types. She’s going to audition along with me for the play, but since we’re aiming for different roles, it’s fun and not competitive. In this business it’s nice not to be in direct competition with each other. “You’re home late.”

“Yeah,” I say. “I stayed late because I was running lines on the bus this morning and missed my stop. I was actually late for my first day.”

I tell her an abbreviated story of how I was basically shoved into Malcolm and about how he’s my boss. But I skip over the fact that I can still taste him on my lips and feel him between my thighs.

“You had a day,” she says, laughing.

“I did. And honestly, I’m exhausted. I’m going to head to bed.”

Amy laughs again. “See you in the morning.”

I shut the door behind me and collapse onto the bed. This was definitely not the day I expected.

It is late, and I didn’t lie to Amy. I am tired. And boneless from absolutely delicious orgasms. But I still need to look at the lines before I go to sleep. No better time to do it when your mind is ready to cement the memories for the day—though I know that there are more than just lines I want to remember today.

Turning on my side, I reach for the script in my bag and spy the picture of my mom on the bedside table. It’s an old headshot from when she was young. I look so much like her that sometimes looking in the mirror is a little like déjà vu.

I stare at the picture for a moment. Did she ever have doubts about whether or not she would make it? Did she get nervous stumbling over lines and miss a bus stop? Sighing, I roll on my back and stare at the ceiling. I’d give almost anything to see her again and ask her questions. Like what she would do in my position for this career?

And how would she deal with a man like Malcolm?

Putting the thoughts aside, I close my eyes and go over the lines until I slip into sleep.









I’m not sure what I expected coming into the office today, but just like yesterday, it’s not what I thought. Malcolm is cool. Almost cold. And professional to the point of frustration. It’s already lunchtime and I’ve made up excuses to go in to see him purely so I can try to get a read on what he’s feeling about last night.

But he hasn’t given anything away. He’s barely even looked at me despite wearing an outfit that is the very definition of subtly sexy. I’m even wearing heels again, despite my tendency to fall over in them. Plus a classic bright red Hollywood lipstick.

I can’t sort out the feelings and frustration that are in my chest. What do I do here? I know it’s not exactly traditional to fuck your boss on the first day of work. Even on the second day. So what the hell am I looking for here?

Shaking my head, I pull together the papers that Malcolm needs for his meeting in an hour. I brace myself when I knock on his office door. It’s nothing. We had an impulsive fling based on pure chemistry. It was fucking amazing. It doesn’t have to be anything more than that. And now it’s done.

But when he calls me in, immediately the atmosphere feels different. Malcolm’s eyes are on me the second that I push the door open and walk in. He doesn’t take them off me, even when I round the desk to hand him the papers.

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