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Possessive Stepbrother(4)
Author: MINK

“My ring?” She opens the box. Oh no. This is the ring I’m going to have to wear every day? It’s a gothic style ring with a giant ruby in the center. I didn’t know a ring could actually look depressing, but I was wrong.

“The Perths clearly have terrible taste in jewelry, but it will do for now.” She hands me the box.

“Isn’t he supposed to give it to me?” I ask. I can’t bring myself to pull the ring out and put it on.

“You’re already engaged, honey. Just make sure you wear the ring tonight.”

I close the box without putting it on. A lump forms in my throat. This is all becoming too real. I hold back the tears that threaten to fall, not wanting to upset my mother. Thankfully we pull up to the house. I open my door quickly and jump out.

“They arrive at seven,” I hear my mom call out from behind me as I enter the house. I head straight for the privacy of my bedroom. I can’t breathe. I hate this. Why can’t I be strong like all the other women who went before me? Why can’t I do what I need to do for my family without all of these emotions? This is the way it has to be. I have to trust my mom knows what she's doing.

Tinker lies outside of my bedroom door as though he were waiting for me to get home. I give his belly a scratch before I pick him up. I freeze when I step inside my room and see Torino standing there. My body heats at the sight of him. His back is facing me. He’s the last person I ever expected to see here.

“Your room always smells of roses and something sweet,” he says as he continues to stare out the window. I put Tinker down on his cat tree.

“Is something wrong?”

At that he does spin around and hits me with that same pissed-off glare he’s had for the past few days. His suit is wrinkled, and he hasn't shaved today. He’s normally so put together. Still, he’s the hottest man I’ve ever seen. As much as I hate him glaring at me, it only seems to turn me on more. There’s no stopping it. He does this to my body. I can’t control it. But I’m pretty sure Torino would have no problem controlling my body.

“Is something wrong? Are you really asking me that?” He stalks towards me.

I back up a few steps, only to further piss him off.

The tick in his jaw gives away his growing anger. “Are you running from me?” His hands come down on either side of my head, caging me in between him and the wall. If he’s trying to scare me, it's not working. I grow so wet my panties stick to me. Torino sucks in a deep breath. My face flushes with burning heat. There is no way he can smell that.

“There’s that sweetness I’m always catching.” He drops one of his hands as his foot pushes one of mine, making me spread my legs. I gasp when his hand goes up my skirt. He cups my sex, his palm pressing into my clit. The ache I have grows, causing me to whimper. What the hell is happening?

“Fuck, you’re wet.” He presses his palm into my clit harder as his mouth comes to my ear. His heavy breathing tickles the baby hairs on my neck.

“Torino,” I whisper. My body takes over, and I grind myself against his palm. I grab him, needing something to hold on to.

“You want to come?”

“Please,” I beg, closing my eyes tight. He pulls his palm back, making me whimper.

“I’ve got you.” He jerks my panties down my thighs, exposing me to him. His fingers stroke the lips of my sex, brushing against my clit, but he doesn’t stop there. He keeps going further down. The tip of his finger presses inside of me. I grip him tighter.

“You saved yourself for the man you’re going to marry. I can feel your virginity.” His breathing grows even heavier. Or maybe that’s mine. I’m not sure at this point.

“Yes,” I admit. I’d hoped it would be him. “I thought it would make it special, but I’m guessing my husband hasn't done the same.” Before I realize what he’s doing, his other hand is wrapped around my throat. I grow wetter, and I know he can feel it.

“Alessa.” His tone is filled with warning and something else. “He’s not going to be your husband. Ever.” He lifts his head, his eyes locking with mine. “Say it and I’ll let you come.” His fingers go to my clit, and he makes small slow circles.

“But—” His hand on my throat tightens.

“No buts.” His fingers on my clit stop moving altogether.

“I’m not going to marry him.” I give. I need to come so badly. My whole body aches. I know he’s the only one that can soothe it.

“You’ll always be a Rossi.” He presses his fingers against my clit, firmer this time, but still he doesn't move them. He wants more, and I can’t help but give it to him.

“I’ll always be a Rossi.”

He releases my throat, and his mouth crashes down onto mine as his fingers start to move. His kiss is almost punishing. It’s all too much. He’s moving against me. My whole body is in overdrive. I moan as I start to come. Torino’s tongue swipes into my mouth, consuming my sounds of pleasure. My knees try to buckle, but his hold on me doesn't let me budge.

He continues to kiss me as he drains every last drop of pleasure from me. When I feel something warm splatter against me, I realize what the movement was.

His cum hits my sex and thighs, spraying all over me. I stare down at his cock in his hands. Our heavy breathing fills the room.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers. He surprises me when he presses soft kisses all along my neck. I watch as he pulls my panties back up before putting his cock back into his slacks.

I stand there, not sure what to say. Torino’s phone starts to ring. He pulls it out. “Yeah,” he says, answering it. “They’re early,” he growls into the phone.

All that anger comes rushing back to his face. I know he’s talking to Carlito. Torino’s eyes stay locked on me as he listens to whatever his father is saying to him.

He lifts his hand to his mouth and silently licks his fingers. The ones he’d used to get me off. I press my thighs together, still feeling him there. That stupid ache of need is already coming back. I’m not sure it can ever be satisfied.

“I’m on my way,” he says before he ends the call.

“They’re here?” I ask. He nods.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” His words are a punch to my stomach. “Don’t let him touch you, Alessa, and keep those panties on.” He doesn't wait for a response before he leaves my bedroom with me standing there with his cum still coating my skin.

He expects me to obey him. He clearly regrets what we did. Why else would he be saying sorry? I still can’t wrap my mind around what just happened. For so long he ignored me. Now he’s been angry and stomping around here. Then this. He’s messing with my head. Two can play that game.

If he wants to play games then I’ll play. I suddenly don’t feel like being the good girl anymore. Not with him at least. I’ll break all his rules. Why shouldn't I? He’s going to break my heart.









Buckling down and getting shit done has never been a problem for me. Until now. Until that worthless piece of shit Finnegan Perth thinks he can come here and take Alessa away from me. Never going to happen. Not a chance in hell.

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