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Whip's Breath(4)
Author: E.C. Land

That’s not about to happen. Not because he’s not attractive, because the man is totally hot, but rather, he’s not my type. Seems my type is badass biker men.

I inwardly cringe as the thought pops into my head. I might think so, but I know without a doubt I need to stay as far away from Whip as possible. Nothing good could come from me seeing him other than in my fantasies. He’s a biker, and though Lincoln’s mom is with one and is sweet, I’m not cut for that lifestyle. Shoot, motorcycles scare the daylights out of me.

“It’s been great,” I say, giving him a smile I force into place.

“That’s good. So you wanna maybe go grab a drink with me tonight?” Of course, he would ask me to go out with him today.

“I’m sorry, I already have plans for this weekend,” I murmur, gently declining his offer. I don’t want to hurt his feelings by stating I don’t ever want to go out with him.

“All good, maybe I could join you in your plans, or we can schedule something for next weekend,” he tries again. Thankfully this time, I don’t have to lie.

“Sorry, I’m going out of town next weekend. My brother comes home from deployment, and I’m going to spend time with him.”

“Well, that’s good he’s coming home. Glad to have him serving our country. I guess I’ll try again when you get back. I’d love to take you out and get to know you away from the school setting,” he empathizes, and I can feel his eyes raking over my body.

Nodding, I head for my car. Time to get home, crack open my bottle of wine, and indulge in a night of sitting on the back deck with the pages of one of my favorite authors. She just released a new book, and I can’t wait to dive into the paranormal world that she’s created.



The sun is setting by the time I head back into the house. I’ve been sitting outside reading since I got home. I’d been stuck in my book, not wanting to stop reading until I finished. I get nearly halfway through the first quarter of the book when my stomach announces itself to needing sustenance.

After living with Gigi and Salina all the time, I didn’t eat much at home. If I ate at all, it was takeout. All they wanted to eat was salad and junk food, saying one outweighed the other. When I wanted something that was in the apartment, I’d find they’d consumed it. That should have been another sign to move out long ago.

Stretching my arms out to the sides and back behind me, I look in the cabinets and try to decide what I want to eat. Nothing seems appealing. I could order something. I do like the Thai place in town. The food is delicious.

I weigh my options on whether or not I want to go out or not. Glancing down at what I’m wearing, I decide I’m good staying in. I don’t feel like putting clothes on, not after already changing into my tank top and sleep shorts with moons and stars scattered on them.

Closing the cabinet door, I pull out my phone to check my email. My stomach growls and is yelling at me that I need to eat something. I open the fridge finding nothing.



I’ll just run out to a fast-food place with a window that way I don’t have to change.

Grabbing my keys and phone, I head for the door, making sure to lock the door behind me.

“Always lock the doors, Harper. You never know who will come at you. Gotta stay smart to keep yourself safe.” Hart always says this to me, making sure I remember to always lock up.

I get in my car, start the engine, and head to town.

It doesn’t take long for me to get to the chicken place that everyone brags about having the best there is. I pull up to the window and order a meal.

Five minutes later, I’m heading back to the house only to come up short at the sight of a motorcycle sitting in front of my house with no one with it.

Oh God, what do I do now?



Chapter Four




After the day I had, I wasn’t expecting to find myself sitting outside Ms. Harper Wilde’s house.

I pulled up as she’d been pulling out of her driveway. I thought about just heading out, forgetting this whole thing in general. I’m still pissed at the woman. Especially after Nerd confirmed that I indeed did marry Harper that night after the concert. I swore the fucker to secrecy over the whole damn thing, not wanting anyone to know I blacked out. He and I talked about it that night. He told me to call K-9. He’d been there with me, since I didn’t wanna talk to one of the brothers here who could have seen me with her.

The whole thing is a mess. I need to talk to her about it. Find out why she’s acting like she doesn’t remember me.

I climbed off my bike, walked up to the porch, and sat on the steps to wait for Harper to get back. I could easily go out and find some bitch to fuck. Too bad for me, I’m no cheater. Shit, in the last two months, I haven’t done shit with any of the clubwhores or anyone else for that matter. When you’re raised by a cheater, you quickly learn that’s not what you wanna be. Not when there was a revolving door of men and women going through the damn thing.

My mom didn’t give a damn if the person was of either sex. Long as they fucked her good, she was happy. Shit, she didn’t even care if my sister had food to eat. It’s why I joined the military when I did. At the time, I opened a bank account for Brielle and would put money in it each month for her to get food or clothes. Whatever she needed to get by. The account still has a shit ton of money in it.

I shake my head to get the negative thoughts of that time of Brielle’s and my life from my head. I don’t want to think about that shit again or how I failed my sister, whether she thinks so or not. I did fail her, and that’s something I won’t do again. I’ll take my last breath first.

My mind wanders to thoughts of Harper instead. I check the time to see how long I’ve been sitting here and find it’s only been ten minutes. Harper’s beautiful and it’s Friday night. I pray to fuck that she’s not out on some fuckin’ date or something. I’ll kill the fucker if she is.

Wait, nope.

I’m not doing that shit. I’m trying to find out what’s going on so I can get this shit annulled and done with.

Cursing under my breath, I lift my head and let out a breath as I stare at the headlights coming back into the driveway.

She’s home.


Time to get this shit on the road.

I wait for her to put the car in park, not missing the ticking noise it’s making. She needs to get it checked out.

My eyes stay glued to her as she gets out of her car. I mentally chastise my cock for noticing how gorgeous she is with her hair in a messy bun and tank top with some sort of shorts that barely cover her ass. I don’t miss the fact it irritates me she’d go out like that. When I see the bag of food in her hand, I get it.

That doesn’t mean I like it any less.

Fuck me.

“What are you doing here?” she stammers out.

I stand as she gets closer. “We need to talk,” I inform her.

Shaking her head, she walks past me, quickly going up the stairs of the porch and getting to the door. I slowly take the steps up onto the porch keeping my distance from her. Harper unlocks the door and turns to look at me. “I’m not in the mood to speak to anyone tonight. How about you call me instead?”

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