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Author: Dale Mayer



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Remember …

The haunting refrain torments Bethany, almost as much as the horrors of what she’s forgotten. Chased, terrified, and injured, she races away from a gunman into the woods, determined to once again escape those after her.

Hunter’s first meeting with Bethany reveals an injured, exhausted, and possibly dangerous psychic. Plus she uncooperative, barely civil, keeping everyone at arm’s length. Only she needs help, … and he is the one available. Time for the hunted to turn hunter, and that is his domain. Especially if he gets to champion the underdog, which, in this case, is a prickly and way-to-beautiful woman, who he doesn’t want to let out of his sight.

Not only is she being tracked but they want her back as a captive. A captive to do their bidding. And they’ve enlisted another of their group, her ex-best friend Lizzy, to hunt down Bethany.

They want, no need, her to remember who she really is …

With Hunter at her side, Bethany fights for survival, racing toward an explosive reveal that leaves them all gasping, as their world turns upside down.

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Part of an elite SEAL team, Mason takes on the dangerous jobs no one else wants to do – or can do. When he’s on a mission, he’s focused and dedicated. When he’s not, he plays as hard as he fights.

Until he meets a woman he can’t have but can’t forget. Software developer, Tesla lost her brother in combat and has no intention of getting close to someone else in the military. Determined to save other US soldiers from a similar fate, she’s created a program that could save lives. But other countries know about the program, and they won’t stop until they get it – and get her.

Time is running out … For her … For him … For them …

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Chapter 1



Beth Metlomar was dying, and the window to reverse that was quickly closing.

“They were close, too close.” She shook her head, the rain and wind pelting her from every angle. “No, she was too close,” Beth murmured, meaning Lizzy, her ex-best friend, now her nemesis. Fear and panic snuck through Beth’s body, exasperating her already fragmented energy problem. She tried hard to pull herself together, but slices of her were dissecting, disappearing into the ethers. It was all she could do to keep herself together.

“No,” she cried out to the vanishing energy bite, “get back here.”

The pieces refused to obey, were harder to control these last few days, directly related to her waning energy. Finding out she was being hunted did that to her. Being on the run wiped out the rest.

She shifted her weight off her sore, wet feet, as she huddled underneath a tree. Hell, there was no reason for them to follow her at all, but they had.

How had they known where she was?

Her survival instincts had pushed her here. One step in front of the other—her only possible direction. Following the one thread that she’d kept close all these years. He was the only one who could help. But would he?

She had traced his energy to this location. He was home. But he wasn’t alone. That was a consideration. Would he remember her? He’d helped her a long time ago, and she’d never forgotten his compassion or his truth. Few were like him. Had he changed? She had. So why not him?

Everything was at stake. But she had no choice. Not if she wanted to survive. She’d been running for weeks—or months maybe—after hiding in plain sight for years, while appearing to be normal.

Cold from her wet clothes, her wet hair dripping down her back, Beth shuddered, her slight frame trembling harder than before, as she fought to pull herself together again. She needed a source of warmth and soon. The blood seeped down her side, a steady drip from a bullet wound two days ago, right out of the blue. A shot fired from behind, while she had been enjoying the morning sun. She’d managed to escape capture, but it had been a hard-won effort. Even now she looked down gratefully at the cat at her feet. The huge jet-black Maine coon mix wouldn’t leave her side, even though she’d tried to get him safely away. He refused.

He was stubborn like that. Nocturne would survive, if Beth didn’t make it. She wasn’t sure she would do the same though, should their roles be reversed.

The rain and wind continued to whisper around her, even under cover of the huge tree, and she searched the darkness enveloping her world. Other energies were out there, hunting for her, reaching through the darkness, searching the ethers to find her scent. Even a faint remnant of Beth left behind was enough for them to grab on to.

She focused on her goal, on the house she sought. Besides the man who had helped her long ago, there was him. Someone she saw—or rather felt. Someone she thought should have seen her. Should have felt her, yet he didn’t.

Was he an innocent? Someone who had no idea of this insane shadow world? Or maybe she was sending signals that weren’t strong enough to be picked up. She was certainly fading quickly. She slumped against the tree trunk, wishing she didn’t need yet another rest. The night wouldn’t last forever, and she needed to make headway while she could.

Just the thought of getting back on her feet defeated her. Still, she was so damn close.

Just not close enough.

A few vehicles were on the road below, with traffic moving smoothly, zipping along in the darkness. Normal sounds of civilization. Except everything felt and sounded off.

Her senses strained for signs of the danger she knew surrounded her, but her ears couldn’t be trusted right now. None of her senses could. Everything was too fragmented for that, impossible to pull them back. She could handle one sense—maybe—but she couldn’t use up her dwindling energy reserves, or she wouldn’t make it to the house.

She struggled to her feet, wincing as her spiritual energy plus her life force drained from her into the puddle of blood at her feet. She’d been forced to use so much energy to keep her spirit from completely fragmenting outward that her body would just have to wait, eventually no longer having any protection for it.

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