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Out (The Omega Collective #3)(8)
Author: Mina Carter

An arrogant smile touched the corners of his mouth. “My omega wants my touch. Does she?”

She glared at him even as her mouth betrayed her. “Yes.”

A raw, rumbling purring sound tore from his chest as he gave her what she craved. Long, thick fingers stroked through her folds, spreading the slick proof of her arousal over her sensitive flesh. She rode his fingers, trying to get him to touch her where she needed it most.

When he touched her clit, she shuddered, a moan rising from her throat as pleasure washed through her. This was so much better than anything she’d been able to do to herself. Even mindless with need during the heats she hadn’t felt this good.

“Oh… oh!” she managed, clinging to him again and rocking her hips against his hand. But he wasn’t touching her enough, instead teasing her with the pleasure she wanted… needed… craved. So she snarled up at him again, a vicious little warning sound as she snapped her teeth.

“My omega is a demanding one when she doesn’t get what she wants.” He chuckled, that deep purring sound that made her shiver to her toes rumbling from him again.

“Please,” she gasped, feeling the familiar tension fill her body. “It hurts…”

That had always been the way with her. Pleasure was a two-edged sword. The more she tried to soothe it, to ease it, the worse it became.

His next breath came out as a hissed curse and his touch gentled. “No pain, little star. Tell me what you need and I will give it to you.”

“I don’t know. But before. This. The heats. They hurt. I’ve never…” She trailed off frustrated by her lack of knowledge.

“You need release.” It wasn’t a question, but she nodded anyway. Maybe he knew a way to… instead of stopping to give her something for the pain, he eased a finger into her channel, stretching her slowly and filling her in ways that felt so right she lost the ability to think. All she could do was react and chase this new feeling wherever it took her.

His thumb pressed down on her clit as he added another finger, moving faster now and driving her toward the brink of something she didn’t understand.

Tension increased with the speed of his fingers, and something deep inside her started to coil like a spring, building toward…

Pleasure hit her like the first front of an oncoming storm. She clung to him, wordless cries filling the air as she tumbled into a place she’d never imagined existed—a world of pure pleasure, entirely free of pain.

He growled again—that strange purr-like sound that both eased something inside her and tied her up in knots all at the same time—and gathered her closer. His strong arm around her back held her securely against him even as his huge hand kept her legs parted widely for him. She panted, her breath coming in short, hard gasps as he thrust inside her, adding another finger as he teased her clit with his thumb. Then he curled his fingers and pressed something deep inside her, and she broke.

“That’s right, little star. Come for me.” He didn’t stop moving his fingers, drawing out the exquisite moment until she was lightheaded and shaking in his arms.

Still gasping for breath, she barely had time to protest the removal of his hand before his mouth was on hers, blocking out the sight of what he did next.

She felt it, though. Bare thighs pressing between her legs, as powerful as tree trunks. Then the broad head of his cock was sliding through her folds, sending another shockwave through her body and making her moan into his mouth.

He growled and then tensed, holding himself still for several seconds. The purring sound he made helped her relax, and she melted into his arms, her lips parting to let him into her mouth.

“Mine.” She heard the word buried beneath his next growl as he pressed himself inside her.

She tried to stay relaxed and not stiffen up as he parted her. The horror stories she’d heard all her life tried to get purchase in her mind, and she whimpered. He pulled her closer, kissing her to distraction as he rocked his hips back. The small respite eased her, the pressure letting up, but a sense of disappointment filled her at his withdrawal.

Almost before she could register the crushing feeling, he was back. The relief as he pushed in, stretching her widely around him, was so complete she cried out, the sound lost under his kiss. His large hands smoothed over her skin, touching and caressing as he worked himself inside her with hard rocks of his hips.

The lack of pain confused her. The pleasure made her mind foggy and her thoughts as distant and fluffy as clouds. This wasn’t right… but at the same time, it was so right she wanted to scream and beg him to keep going.

Need crashed through her defenses and left her quivering. Her hands clamped down on his shoulders, her legs wrapping around his hips to pull him in closer.

She needed this. Needed him.

“Please…” she whispered. “I want…”

“Tell me,” he breathed, his lips whispering against hers. Teasing her with the kiss he was withholding. “Now.”

The harsh order made her melt against him, needs and desires she wasn’t familiar with filling her.

“Harder,” she growled, her nails digging into his shoulders. “More.”

Kinn threw back his head and roared as he powered into her, his hands gripping her hips hard as he gave her exactly what she’d asked for. She was past fear now, so lost in pleasure that not even his primal howl could distract her. She tightened her legs around him, heels pressed into the small of his back, feeling the muscles tense as he claimed her.

Betrayed by her body, all she could do was hold on as he took her to the heights of pleasure. With his mouth on hers, his huge body filled her again and again.

When she was on the brink, he tore his mouth from hers to stare down at her, his all-black eyes gleaming. “Who do you belong to?”

She knew what he wanted to hear, and in a moment of weakness, she gave it to him. “You.”

He growled in triumph, kissing her hard and fast. His clawed hand cupped the back of her head, some of his primal nature emerging as he sped up. She yielded to him, moving with him as each hard thrust took her closer to the edge. Then, between one stroke and the next, she was there. Tearing her lips away from his, she placed her hand in the middle of his chest over his heart as time stretched out. He looked down at her, their gazes connecting.

He thrust. Hard. And threw her over the edge.

Her senses scattered as her voice rose in a wild cry that echoed off the walls. Then he dropped his head to the side of her throat and bit her, sending her body into another orgasm, this one so intense she forgot how to breathe.

Pleasure danced with pain for a moment and then the pain receded, leaving her floating and stunned.

He came, roaring her name as he emptied himself inside her, his cock swelling, stretching her, filling her. Heat washed over her womb and then they were locked together, every movement taking her almost to the brink again.

He’d bitten her.

It took a moment for that to sink in. Alphas did that when they claimed an omega. It marked them as their property. She was his. Not just in words but in deed. She caught her breath, panic filling her as realization crashed over her. He’d taken her, bitten her and… a small moan escaped her. Oh god, he’d knotted her. Swelled inside her, stretching her. If he did it anymore, he’d tear her up from the inside.

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