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Saving Sienna (MacArthur Family #3)
Author: Katie Reus





Four months ago



Carson held on to Sienna’s hips, holding her closer than necessary as they swayed to the music. This woman was pure fire in his arms, sensual, funny, and gorgeous.

His sister Kathryn had just gotten married and she and her new husband—Sienna’s brother—had already left.

But the reception was in full swing and even though he’d planned on leaving early, he’d decided to stay as long as Sienna did. Because he couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

“I’ve never seen you look so relaxed,” Sienna said. She had a bunch of little flower things in her hair and had curled it so that it was around her face in waves, making her look like a fairy princess.

And the fact that he was thinking those words told him he’d probably had too much to drink. “I know how to have a good time,” he murmured, his gaze falling to her mouth. Damn, he wanted to show her a good time. Wanted to get her off with his mouth, his fingers, hear her moan his name as she came…

She snorted softly.

He frowned. “What?”

“Nothing. You just always seem so serious.”

For the most part he was. No use denying that. In the last couple weeks he’d learned that Sienna was most definitely not. They’d both been involved in the wedding—Daniel had surprisingly asked Carson to be a groomsman, and his sister had asked Sienna to be a bridesmaid, which was not a surprise. Those two were thick as thieves. And everyone seemed to like Sienna.

Himself included.

She always had a mischievous gleam in her eyes though, as if she was up to something. And he found himself ridiculously intrigued by her. He wanted to know every little thing about her, which disturbed him.

As the music stopped, she grabbed his hand and tugged him along with her without even asking.

Later, he would realize he hadn’t even thought to protest, he’d just gone along. Because why wouldn’t he? “Where are we going?” he asked as she continued off the dance floor and through the throng of tables. It was like the bride and groom had invited the whole town.

She flashed him a quick grin that lit up her whole face. “You’ll see.”

For a brief moment he wondered if she was going to drag them up to her hotel room. Even though it would likely be a mistake since they were sort of related now, he found he didn’t care in the least. But no, she was taking them to the kitchen.

“Pretty sure you’re not allowed in here,” he said as she pushed through the swinging door to where the catering crew was moving about.

To his surprise, one of the servers smiled and gave her a little wave. “Hey, Sienna, you need anything?”

“No. Daniel said he left something for me.”

The woman smiled and nodded and didn’t question their presence at all.

Carson followed her to one of the walk-in refrigerators and couldn’t help but stare as she bent over, her already tight-fitting dress pulling taut against the most perfect ass in the world as she bent down and grabbed…

She made a sound of pleasure as she pulled out a very expensive bottle of champagne and held it up. “Success!”

Carson lifted an eyebrow. He recognized the brand and it was like a month’s salary for him. Probably more. “Your brother left that for you?”

She lifted a shoulder, that mischievous glint firmly in place. “Maybe not for me exactly, but he’s already gone, so this is ours.”

He shook his head slightly and, moving on instinct, he grabbed for her hip, tugging her to him. God, he wanted this woman more than he’d ever wanted anyone. She called to him on the most basic level.

She moved immediately against him, wrapping her arms around his neck, the bottle lying against his back as their mouths collided.

They’d been flirting on and off over the last week through all the wedding stuff, and deep down he knew they’d been building to this. Hopefully to more. Because she was the kind of woman you held on to and never let go.

She tasted sweet, like the cake they’d had earlier. And she felt like heaven in his arms, tall and lean, and she fit perfectly against him.

Suddenly the door opened and Sienna pulled back.

One of the servers he recognized from the kitchen stared at them wide-eyed. “Oh, ah, I’m sorry.”

“No, we’re sorry. We’ll get out of your way.” Then Sienna was moving again, tugging him along with her.

He wasn’t used to being manhandled but he found he liked it when Sienna did it. He realized he was simply following her anywhere she dragged him and… He was surprisingly okay with that. She could manhandle him straight to the bedroom. Or shower. Or any flat surface really. He wanted her hands all over him.

As they hurried back into the kitchen, he grabbed two glasses from a drying rack.

She arched an eyebrow, her grin pure wicked. “You think I’m sharing with you?”

“I think if you drink a whole bottle by yourself, I’ll be carrying you to your room.”

She laughed as they exited the kitchen, the pure music of it wrapping around him, warming him from the inside out.

In that moment, he realized he could fall really hard and really fast for this woman.



Chapter 1



Sienna snapped another picture of the interior of the expensively furnished stateroom on this ridiculous yacht. With each picture, her smile grew a little bit wider.

Some jerk thought he could hide his assets from his wife? That was where Sienna came in.

Snap. She snagged another picture of the paneled ceiling and track lighting. The wood was quality, a nice pale color that made the room seem even bigger. With four oversized windows, whoever stayed in this room would have a gorgeous ocean view from most angles.

She flipped to panorama mode and got everything in one swoop.


Another one of the bathroom—which was nicer than hers at home. Two pedestal bowls over a white-and-gray marble countertop. The backsplash was intricate, the white and grays of the tile changing with each step she took, as if they were liquid. Whoever had designed this had an incredible eye—and money to burn. She took another panorama of this room too, wanting to get all of its glory.

As she stepped out into the wood-paneled passageway, she scrolled back through her pictures. Triumph surged through her as she scanned the gorgeous colors popping in each image. The sunlight really had been in her favor today and these images were going to help her client get everything she deserved in her divorce.

Sienna uploaded the photos to the cloud, then tucked her phone away, as well as her backup camera. Because she always had a backup.

As she headed in the direction of the aft deck, ready to disembark as soon as she could, she froze when she heard male voices.

Hell. She’d had to pay off someone at the marina to get access to this particular boat. The woman running the desk for some of the rental charters also headed up access for the cleaning crews. All it had taken was a hundred bucks and a bit of the truth about what she was doing and the woman had told her she had an hour to get in and out.

Sienna had only been here for twenty minutes, so clearly something had gone wrong.

Unfortunately she knew what she had to do.

Pulling her phone back out, she turned the volume down and tucked it and the small camera into her plastic waterproof case hooked around her neck by a sturdy lanyard. She’d brought this just in case, because as a private investigator, she always liked to be prepared.

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