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Keeping The Biker (Royal Bastards MC : Charleston, WV Book 4)(6)
Author: Glenna Maynard


Later in bed, she’s sound asleep. I can’t take my eyes from her. She’ll always be the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen till the day I die and she’s mine. All mine. I stroke her cheek, tracing a path down the column of her throat, through the valley of her breasts to the curve of her belly where a new life grows. Another piece of her and part of me.

Our future.

Our love.

Our happily ever after is in the making and I don’t want to miss a second.

This time will be different. I’m holding on and fighting like hell to be the man worthy of what I’ve been gifted. I won’t fuck it up this time.

My cell buzzes from the nightstand, the light of the screen glowing in warning. I’d like to ignore it, but I’m the Prez. I have responsibilities and men who depend on me. I roll away from Alexa, nabbing my phone as I go to the bathroom. I swipe to accept the call, turn the fan on , and light up a cigarette.


“Pop. Pop. Pop.” Gunshots sound. I stare at the screen. It’s the prospect. Rio. “Fuck. I’m hit.”

“Where are you,” I growl.

“West End, Huntington. Shitty motel by the bread place.”

“You alone?”

“Yeah,” his voice drops. “They took off.”

“Viking shouldn’t be far away. Keep alive till he gets to you.” I end the call and put out my cigarette as I dial Viking. I relay the info and shoot a message to East to get the brothers on standby.

Alexa is sitting up in the bed rubbing her eyes when I grab a pair of jeans from the closet. “Go back to sleep, babe. Gotta take care of some club business.”

“What time is it?”

“Late.” I drop a knee to the bed and kiss her forehead.

She slides a hand along my jaw. “Be safe. Hurry back to me.”


“Love you, baby,” she whispers sleepily.


“What happened?” I take a seat next to Viking in the waiting room of the emergency room. He’s covered in the prospect’s blood.

He shakes his head. “Kid tried to play hero. We hit up the girls at the Kitty Kat and noticed one of them acting off. Bitch failed her drug test. I told her she was cut loose. Guess that brave motherfucker spotted her in her car selling some shit to another dancer after I was gone. Decided to follow her instead of calling for backup. She led him into a trap. Knew he was tailing her.”

“How is he?”

“Not sure. But one good thing is now we know where them fuckers are hiding. Give me the order, and I’ll get the brothers and roll out.”

I scrub a palm over my face. I’m getting too old for this shit. “I’m getting married in two days.”

“Fuck yeah you are.” Viking grins and shakes my shoulder.

“If they’re smart, they will already be on the move. We’ll discuss it later.” I nod toward the detective headed our way.

“Gentlemen. We’ve got to stop meeting this way.” Detective Masters. The fool who was on Nickel’s case.

“Detective. What can we do for you?”

“Got a call one of your men were shot. Again. Men seem to disappear or die around you. Let’s hope this guy has better luck.”

“You got something to ask me do it already.”

“Who shot the kid?”

“You’d have to ask the Dry Ridge Sinner’s that. Word on the street is they are back in town. Not wearing their colors obviously. But they’re the ones bringing in Cloud Nine again. What are you doing about it?”

Detective Masters lets out a huff. “I know they are, but they operate like ghosts.”

“And yet these phantoms shot my man. One of the fine and outstanding citizens you’re sworn to protect. I’m doing my part to keep these sorry fucks and their drugs out of our town. What about you?”

“We’ll be in touch.”

“I bet we will. I’m getting married this weekend would appreciate it if you got to that whole doing your part business soon. I have out of towners arriving. Nothing to do with tonight. They’re here for the celebration.”

“I appreciate the head’s up. My condolences to your old lady.”

“Just doing my part.”

“Right.” He snorts and continues down the corridor.

“Fucking pansy ass motherfucker,” Viking mutters. “He wouldn’t last two seconds with me.”

“Easy there, tough guy. He’s already up our asses over Nickel’s death and the shit with Grudge’s cabin.”

“I don’t trust him.”

“You think he’s dirty?”

“We’ll see.”

Minutes later Rio is brought out with his arm in a sling, making eyes at the pretty little nurse wheeling him out. “Just a flesh wound.” He smirks. “Be good as new soon enough.”

“Right. Let’s get out of here.”

“See to it he takes his antibiotics,” the nurse instructs.

Rio licks his lips. “Maybe you can come by my place after your shift, momma, and make sure I’m taking proper care of myself.”

Her cheeks glow red.

“Keep it in your pants, prospect,” I growl, and he shrugs. Once we get in the parking lot, I shove him against my cage. “Don’t you ever go off on your own like that again. What you did wasn’t brave it was stupid. You think I need one of my men going off halfcocked and getting shot right before my wedding? Huh, motherfucker.” I squeeze his bad arm and he winces.

“Sorry, Prez. I wasn’t thinking.”

“I know what you were thinking. Thought you’d make your own play and get that patch.” I slap his shoulder. “Let’s get you home.”

By the time I drop the stupid fuck off at his grandma’s house and get home to Alexa the sun is coming up.

I kick off my boots by the front door and lay my cut on the back of the couch, stripping down on my way upstairs to her bedroom. Can’t wait till we get moved into the new house. No more stairs. No more ugly ass couch. I wash up and brush my teeth before sliding into bed naked with my woman.

Alexa rolls over and into my embrace without me prompting her to do so. She nestles her head into the crook of my neck, and I throw a leg over her hip, pinning her in place. “Everything okay,” she mumbles with a yawn.

“Is now.” I kiss her palm. “Go back to sleep.” I stare at her for a beat making sure she fell back asleep then I close my eyes and hope like hell tomorrow is better.



Chapter Six



“You wanna come with me?” my lips skim along Alexa’s ear and she shivers.

“To your place?”

“Yea, babe.” I kiss the base of her neck where her pulse beats.

“I don’t know.” She swallows then sucks in a breath.

“I’d much rather stay here to eat and fuck you all day instead, but the house sold, and I’d like to close that chapter.” I kiss her jaw moving closer to her mouth. “I know it holds bad memories for you, and I understand if it’s something you don’t feel up to tackling.” The house I shared with Ruthie was a house of horror for her. My cunt of an ex’s father raped Alexa in that house and assaulted her a second time. It’s been over twenty years ago, but I should burn the motherfucker to the ground. Though the money is going toward our new home. Toward our future. I kiss the corner of her mouth ready to go in for the kill.

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