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Keeping The Biker (Royal Bastards MC : Charleston, WV Book 4)(5)
Author: Glenna Maynard

“Wylla and me pregnant at the same time?”

“Not gonna be the first or last time it’s happened. You really care what anyone thinks?”

I smile and curl into his side. “No.”

“Are you happy about it?”

“Yes and no.”

He stiffens.

“I thought she’d want to take time to return to school.”

James relaxes. “She has her own path, gotta let her travel it.”

“Did you say something to Pam or Link?”

His mouth twitches. “I may have told Pam she needs to cool the ice bitch routine. Not a good look. Told her you’re my woman and she needs to respect that.”


“Babe, Pam knows she was wrong about you.”

“Why do you seem to always say the right thing lately?”

“Comes with age.”

“Is that what these are...wisdom whiskers?” I tug on a patch of grey in his beard.

“Should I dye it before the wedding?” He grins.

“No way. It’s sexy.”

“How sexy?” Angling his head toward mine, he comes in for a tender kiss.

“This sexy.” I push his hand down the front of my pants.

“Is that so?”

“Mhmm. Those strippers Pam hired were hot.”

“What strippers?” he growls. “Hound said you only had dinner.”

“You spying on me?”

“More like protecting you.”

“I like that you look after me.”

“How much you like it?”

“About this much.” I pinch my fingers together, taunting him.

“Gonna spank your ass for that.” James shifts to grab the remote control to switch the Tv off.

“You promise?” I bat my lashes.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out. Let’s get ready for bed.”

“You don’t want to fuck me on my ugly couch?”


“Hmm. Suit yourself. I’m tired and the second my head touches the pillow I’ll be out.”

“Guess I need to get creative. Fuck you against the wall. On the stairs. Bathroom sink. Lots of places I can fuck you, pretty girl.”

My cell phone buzzes. “Hold that thought.” I answer the call without looking at the number. “Hello.”

“Alexa, it’s your mother.”

“Hey, um...it’s kind of late.” I glance at James knowing he won’t be happy she’s interrupting, though it isn’t as if she ever calls me much these days.

“It’s your father. He’s had a heart attack.”

“I’m...I. Is he okay?”

“He wants to see you.”

“Why? After all this time. There is nothing left to be said between us.”

“You owe him this.”

“I don’t owe either of you a damn thing. You lied to me. To James.”

“You were a stupid girl then and you’re still stupid now. Heard you two were getting married.”

“Is that why you’re really calling? To tell me you don’t approve? Well guess what? I’m having his baby. We’re happy and there isn’t anything that you or anyone can do to change that.” I hang up on her. There’s nothing left to say. They can’t hurt me anymore. I’m no longer that scared little girl aching for someone to love her. I have people who care about me. People who love me for me.

“The fuck was that about?”

“My egg donor. Apparently my, if you can call him one, my father has had a heart attack. He would like to see me.”

“You aren’t going anywhere near those toxic fucks.”

“Not planning to.”

“You don’t need’em. You never did.”

“I don’t want to talk about them. Nothing is going to spoil this for us. You make me so happy, honey.”

“Let’s get you naked so I can make you come.”

“I’m sorry, but she killed the mood.”

“Don’t be sorry. Hate that they still get to you after all this time, but you want to talk about it I’m here.”

“I know I shouldn’t care.”

“Nope. You shouldn’t. If I could go back, I’d take those sorry excuses of parents you got saddled with and put to ground for all the terrible shit they put you through.”

“All that bad I went through has been worth every moment of good I’ve had with you and Wylla Mae. And now this new life we created.” I touch my belly, and James goes all soft in the eyes. “They don’t get to exist in our lives. Neither of them matter. Only us.”

“Only us,” he agrees and kisses me. His tongue invades my mouth, hot and wet full of love. Skimming a finger along the curve of my cheek, he carves a path down my neck. “No more talking. Get naked so I can fuck you, babe.”

“You said no couch.” I smirk.

“You mention this godforsaken couch one more time I’m gonna set the motherfucker on fire. Silence.” He presses a finger to my lips, and I suck it between them, earning me a deep throaty growl that has me quivering.

There’s nothing sexier than the sounds my man makes when he’s turned on. All primal and possessive like he’s the damn king of the jungle.

“I gotta tell you again to hush neither of us will be happy.”

I nod and bite my tongue.

“Good girl.”



Chapter Five



“That’s it, Lex.” Jesus. My woman knows how to please her man. I grip her hair and give it a yank as she takes me to the back of her throat. Hot and wet her tongue caresses my cock as she sucks me harder and deeper, taking all I have to give until she gags on me. Tears gather in the creases of her eyes, but my baby is no quitter.

Her slender fingers stroke the end of my shaft.

She sucks me harder and harder, keeping her fingers in tempo with the sweet licks of her tongue against my skin. Soft, wet, and warm her mouth is a close second to her pussy.

“Good girl,” I praise her, earning me a gurgle of pleasure.

Her gaze meets mine. Tender and sweet yet heated.

Fucking beautiful. I brush away her tears and ease from her mouth. “Ride me.” I settle back on the couch and she straddles me, sliding down on my length. Her heat wraps around me, and I already want to come. There’s nothing better than the feel of her. Both hands on my shoulders she rocks into me with precision, rolling her hips so I hit her in the right spot. She gives it to me, and I throw it right back.

Pure love.

Gazes locked.

Bodies connected.

We make love.

Slow and steady.

The only ride that matters is the journey we’re on together. My pretty girl and her notorious biker. I’ll do anything to keep this right here.

Alexa pants and I know she’s close. I thrust my hips upward while pushing down on her shoulder, surging deeper in. “Chase it, Lex. Take it.”

My woman bounces on my thighs taking and taking until she shatters, giving me those soft moans and satisfied grins. Her body quakes, the walls of her pussy contract around me.

Her forehead drops to mine, the spicy scent of her breath fans over my lips. I kiss her deep and wet full of tongue, coaxing her down from the orgasmic high. When I’m sure she’s good only then do I get mine.

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