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Keeping The Biker (Royal Bastards MC : Charleston, WV Book 4)(2)
Author: Glenna Maynard

“I’m no angel. But, babe, we’ve sure been through plenty of hell.”

It’s been months since we got rid of the toxic bitch who poisoned our lives for years. Part of me is still on edge waiting for Ruthie’s next move from beyond the grave. I’m getting all I ever wanted. I should be happy, and for the most part I am. And yet I keep waiting for it all to fall apart. For something bad to breeze into our lives and ruin all we’ve fought so damn hard to build.

Can it be this easy and natural? For so many years I fought for him to see me. To be with him. I dreamed of nothing but this only to have his wife at the time shoved in my face over and over again. Of course this was all due to bad timing and fucked up circumstances out of his control. I wasn’t innocent. I know I’ve done wrong. James is the only good I’ve ever had outside of being Wylla Mae’s mother. I don’t know how to accept that this is it. We’re finally proving everyone wrong. My parents—everyone who said we’d never last.

I’m days away from saying those two precious words. I do. This Valentine’s Day is twenty years in the making. No sneaking around. No stolen kisses. Random hookups.

This is freedom.

Me in his bed and him in mine.

No games.

Simply this.


I stroke his jaw. “I love you.”

“You better.”

“Do you doubt it?”

“Not even for a second.”

James gets down to business eager to make a baby.

I wish I could give him a son, but the thought is truly terrifying. I can’t go it alone a second time. Not that I think he’d walk out on me, but what if something else happens to take him away? I won’t survive losing him a second time.

“Whatever thoughts you got running through that overactive mind of yours, shut it down, Lex. If you got more on your mind than my dick right now, I gotta work harder.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I shake my head and my man stops what he’s doing.

“Cold feet?”


“This baby business?”

“I’m scared.”

“I’ll never do a damn thing to hurt you again. Promise you.”

“It’s not that. Its everything else. You’re the President of an outlaw motorcycle club and yeah I’ve always known that and how dangerous it is, but I can’t lose you a second time.”

“Nothing’s going to happen to me.”

“You can’t promise me that.”

“Baby, stop worrying and go with it. Life is giving us a real shot. Let’s not fuck it up with what ifs.”

I know he’s right.

“You gonna stop all that worrying so I can eat and fuck you?” his finger slides back in my sweet spot. That mouth gets back to devouring me and yeah, I’m good. Better than good. I’m great.

I got the guy.

May have taken us twenty years to get here but we’re here.

James switches positions, moving to line the head of his cock up with me. “Fuck, pretty girl. Every time I slide right in its as though God himself has opened the gates to Heaven for me.”

I smile at that because I know exactly what he means. When our bodies meld together, only then do I truly feel whole.



Chapter Two



“Everyone in?” I glance around the table, noting that Hardy, AKA X, isn’t present. Brother did it and left for the Anchorage, Alaska Chapter. Good for him. Prodigy is back after spending some time out west looking after his mother. Crawl slips in at the last second.

East gives me a nod.

“Right. Where are we with this Cloud Nine business?”

“More reports of bodies turning up. Shit is hitting our streets hard. Lost another dancer from the Kitty Kat. She had two kids.” Hound shakes his head.

“Banks, see to it them kids are good.”

“Will do.”

“Anyone know where them Dry Ridge punks have set up shop?”

Crawl shrugs. There’s no point in asking Prodigy being he hasn’t been around.

“Not yet.” Viking sniffs. “Got my feelers out to the guys at the gym.”

“Need this shit settled.” I jerk my chin up when I realize I’m down another man. “Where’s Holy?”

Sandman grins and rubs his jaw. “Got a hit on his phantom. Went after her.”

“Right,” I mutter. Few months back I sent Viking and Holy after my niece and she gave them the slip. Holy takes it personal or some shit. “Call him back.”

“Last I spoke with him he said he’d be back in time for the wedding. Also told me to make sure I had a design ready for his brand,” Roane informs me.

“Shit. Bastard went and fell in love.” I massage my temples. Not even laid eyes on my blood and that little prick has already laid claim. Fuckin’ hell. “Best see to it you do then. Back to business. Anyone sees them sorry fucks pushing that shit in my town don’t take them out. Get eyes on’em, eventually it’ll lead us to the source. Those shit for brains has gotten smarter. They gotta have someone else bringing it in for them. I want to know who.”

I slam my gavel and excuse all my men except my VP.

East leans in. “You ready for this weekend?”

“Been waiting twenty years for it. I’m past ready.”

“Got the prospect getting the spare rooms ready for our guests. Should start arriving Friday.”

“Good. Good. Make sure the bar is stocked and Pam has extra food on reserve.” I pull out the blunt I’ve been saving and give it a sniff. “Wylla Mae say anything about this girl’s night?”

“What about it?”

I shrug. “What kind of entertainment they got lined up?” I fire up that blunt, suck in a heavy pull, smoke moves through my lungs, and I hold it in then exhale slowly, before passing it off to my son-in-law.

“Usual. Strippers and shit.”

“You good with that?”

“Fuck no. My woman doesn’t need to stare at no dick but mine. All due respect.”

“She’s grown. And hell, I like knowing she’s with you. Know you treat her right.”

“You know the men expect you to throw one hell of a party. I got Link and Viking putting it together. Tomorrow night. You gotta make an appearance. Show’em you ain’t growing soft and pussy whipped.”

Fucking hell. Who knows what them dickholes got planned? As for being pussy whipped, I know what the fuck I got, and I’m not going to mess it up. Got my woman. My dream girl in my bed every night. Finally have a relationship with my daughter after all this time. Got a granddaughter who means the world to me.

Got a VP worth a damn at my side. Everything is coming together. The club. My life. “You keeping the baby while this shit goes down?”

“Yeah, Link, Roane, and me are on baby duty. Meeting up at Link’s. You’re more than welcome to hang but I don’t think milk and cookies is your thing.”

“No, but it could be if Lex gives me what I want.”

“She still hardballing you about this baby business?”

“Fuck if I know. Woman says one thing and does another.”

“You think a baby is a good idea, especially right now with this Cloud Nine and Dry Ridge Sinner business?”

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