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Supernatural Outlaw (Supernatural Captivity #2)
Author: Avery Song

Prologue: Supernatural Outlaw





* * *


Ice cold water drenched me out of my unsettling slumber, the sudden wave of icy fluid jolting my body forward. Chains restrict me, something I'm not the least bit surprised about after the deed I'd just committed.

The reminder makes my blood boil, the anger specifically directed at the hidden being of blazing madness within my body. All that does is make that very force laugh within my mind.

"Stop acting like an angry child who lost their precious toy."

Sometimes I wish you were a physical being that I could punch the shit out of.

"If that happened, you'd be nothing but dust." His words were followed with a low chuckle. "You forget whose powers reside within you."

As you forget what body carries your strength.

"I haven't forgotten. It's just amusing to see your distraught self worry over insignificant shit."

His words made a growling rumble thrum against my throat.

Throwing our mate onto a desolate floor of absolutes that are ruthless in killing any living creature left in their space and hoping her human self will get out is NOT insignificant shit!

"First off, she's not human. We've been through that silly assumption of yours. And second, if she's the mate of a dragon god like myself, she'll get herself out of the claws of death.

I wanted to argue, but he sliced away any chance I had.

"Focus on what's in front of you."

When I did exactly that, I was rewarded with a punch in the face.

Mother fuckers.

The douche before me laughed. He was one of the few guards that were on the other end of the spectrum, in terms of our entire operation. He took a few steps back to admire his fine work.

"Ah. I've wanted to do that for WEEKS!" he declared. "Are you fucking stupid?!"

I rolled my eyes before deciding to spare a few moments of my time to look at this piece of shit. He was one of the guards who were clearly informants for Ms. Widow, and God was he a pain in my arse.

"Define stupid?" I suggested. "Also, are you referring to what I just did, or what I will do when I get out of these chains and return that punch?"

That shut the guard up real fast as his face paled. He knew if I punched him with the amount of pent-up anger bubbling within me, he wouldn't survive. He'd be dead before his body hit the pavement of this hidden cell.

"Now, now." The new voice made me mentally groan.


"I'm going to sleep. Don't got time for this hag's lectures."

Don't go abandoning me like that! This is your fucking fault!

"Testing your mate is not my fault."

I swear to God, if she's dead, I'll kill the both of us.

"Suicide is such a cowardly threat. Go ahead."


"Pay attention!" the guard declared, and there was another punch to my opposite cheek. The pain was nothing but a trigger as my eyes locked on him and within a second, he was screaming while waving his hands, which were now on fire.

There was a long sigh before the snapping of one's fingers and the guard was now drenched in water. He fell to his knees as his burnt hands began to bubble and bleed. That had to be a third-degree burn, I thought, my eyes noticing the bits of bone that shone out from his melting skin.

That made me grin in defiance before I returned my eyes to the woman within the room who’d conducted the very action.

"Next time he deems himself superior to a god like myself, I'll let my other half have all the fun he likes," I warned.

Widow said nothing, her eyes merely rolling at my comment. I knew she wouldn't say shit because she needed me more than that useless rat, who was only good at retrieving information in hard to reach places.

"Are you going to explain to me why you did what you did?" she questioned, her eyes now regarding me questioningly. The way they slid and revealed their dangerous green and yellow shift in color told me her venomous side wasn't too pleased with my random interference.

"Time for some fun."

I couldn't even answer as my mind shifted to the back seat, and my stubborn, controlling dragon god was in full control and giving our "boss" a pleased grin.

"It's been a while since our last conversation, Margaret Widow."

Her eyes widened at the deepness in my voice. The room grew heavy with energy as the temperature shot up significantly. I could already see the growth of sweat along the whimpering guard's forehead.

Or it could have been due to his injury, but I couldn’t care less. No regrets for the stupid.

She slowly nodded, crossing her arms over her chest, which didn't make her any more intimidating. She was more like a bunny than a T-rex.

"Your other half decided to mess with my plans." She went right to the point. I had to give her some credit for having the balls to not show an ounce of respect for my arrival. When I remained silent, she grimaced and bowed her head.

"King Vladimir."

"Much better," I declared and tugged at the chains with enough force to break them. Her shocked eyes flickered with a hint of fear, but I decided to be kind today. I'd already done enough "bad" in the last twenty-four hours, so I'd be lenient.

Crossing my legs and leaving the shackles on my wrists to emphasize their uselessness in keeping me captive, I carried on with the previous conversation.

"Omarion decided that your plans are going at a snail’s pace," I replied. "It's rather obvious that she knows you put her here. Guess it's better than being dead, but she's causing far too many problems to be deemed useful."

"If she's dead, we're screwed."

"She's not." I shrugged. "And if there's a possibility that she is, good riddance. Doesn't your plan only involve the strong and desirable?"

She scowled at my comment but lifted her head high. "Yes."

"Then I did you a favor," I concluded. "If she dies, good riddance. In fact, it would be beneficial for you. The supernatural men you've been trying to get on the council will grieve her loss, and that will only hasten the decision to rise to power in this strenuous time of hardship and fear about the increasing number of kidnappings. Isn't that what you want?"

She didn't reply, but I sensed the sudden presence behind her as he decided to reveal himself from the shadows of this dark room. I hadn't sensed him in the slightest and his tall, bulky stance and downcast eyes left me chuckling at his arrival.

"Well, well, well," I hummed. "So the rumors were true."

"You're becoming a troublesome nuisance, Vladimir."

"And you've become an evil mastermind that I'm not very fond of, but do you see me saying shit?"

They both stared at me, and I sighed. "Fine, fine. What's my punishment for potentially killing an important asset to your diabolical plans? Should I go on a rescue mission? See if she's alive and bring her back to these grim walls of utter uselessness? I've never seen a prison like this struggle to keep a bunch of powerful women under control. Why bother sending her to this prison if you knew she was a weakling?"

"There was a miscalculation," Widow huffed.

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