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Arctic Bite (Forgotten Brotherhood #2)(9)
Author: N.J. Walters

   Dear God, she was getting herself off. Was she thinking of him? Please let her be thinking of him.

   His dick jerked in agreement.

   Giving into the growing need that would no longer be ignored, he wrapped his hand around his shaft and stroked, all the while listening intently for any tiny sound she might make. If he shut off the water, she might stop, fearing he’d hear her.

   Maybe she wouldn’t. It was better not to take that chance.

   The soapy water made it easier for him to pump his hand up and down his hard length. His balls, which had already been trying to climb up into his body, squeezed tauter. His breathing grew heavier, making it difficult to hear her in the other room.

   Then her moans grew louder, more frantic. He swallowed back a growl, wishing he could see her. Was she nude under the covers? Maybe she wore a skimpy nightgown? Her lush lips would be parted, her head thrown back in ecstasy. His brain seized at the images that poured through it.

   Release shot up his shaft and out the tip. He kept going, milking his shaft until there was nothing left.

   Pressing both hands against the tile, he sucked in a breath. Had he yelled when he came? He honestly couldn’t be sure. He’d roared in his head.

   It was time to get out before she started to wonder what was taking him so long. He washed and rinsed in record time before turning off the water. The silence was broken by only the drip of the faucet.

   It didn’t take him long to dry off and drag back on his clothes. He didn’t have anything clean, so it was them or nothing. In spite of just having an orgasm, his cock hadn’t relaxed, not one bit. The damn thing wasn’t content with a hand job. No, it wanted the real deal with her and not just virtual sex. And so did he. Not bothering to dry his hair, he left the bathroom.

   The couch didn’t look any more appealing than it had earlier, so he tossed the pillow on the floor and stretched out, rolling around until he was settled. Not exactly the most comfortable of beds, but nowhere near the worst he’d ever slept on.

   For a brief second, he considered shifting. He’d be much more comfortable in his polar form. But he couldn’t risk it. No telling how she’d respond if she caught him.

   Better to be safe and uncomfortable than take the chance. Just because she read as a non-paranormal didn’t mean she was.

   Or she might be exactly what she seemed.

   And his thoughts were going around in circles again. The orgasm hadn’t made anything clearer.

   To make himself more comfortable, he dragged the blankets onto the floor and made a pallet from them instead of using them as a cover. With his hands folded behind his head, he stared at the ceiling.

   He inhaled deeply, trying to scent her arousal. Had she found release? Impossible to tell. The bedroom door was a solid barrier between them.

   Alexei smothered a groan and rolled to his side so he was facing her room. She was in there, all snug and warm, probably sleepy from her orgasm.

   His erection punched against the zipper of his jeans, but he ignored it. He needed to think with his big brain, not his small one.

   Someone wanted her dead. And since the only people with knowledge about him and his Brothers were almost exclusively other paranormals, he had to assume there was something about her he was missing.

   Because if she was fully human, any paranormal could have already taken her life. It would be ridiculously easy considering where she was living. It was so isolated here. And she lived alone.

   No, she wouldn’t have stood a chance against a real predator.

   He was glad he’d come and not one of his other brethren. There were some who might have already completed the job and moved on.

   A few teetered on the edge and needed to be watched.

   He inhaled deeply and forced himself to relax. “Good night, Cassie,” he whispered under his breath.



Chapter Four

   As soon as Cassie woke, she glanced at the clock and her mouth fell open. It was nine o’clock.

   Now for most people that would be normal, maybe even early since she hadn’t crawled into bed until three in the morning, but she wasn’t anywhere near normal. Cloaking her abilities made it necessary for her to sleep, yes, but never for six hours straight. A couple of hours or so, and then she’d spend the rest of the night fooling around on her computer or watching movies or reading. She never let down her guard that much.

   Last night, she had.

   And the reason for that was sleeping out in her living room.

   She pulled her pillow over her head to smother a groan. She’d brought a strange man home last night, got herself off while listening to him shower, and then slept like a baby.

   I’ve lost it.

   There was no other explanation. Why was she so drawn to him? Was he more than just a nice guy who was totally hot?

   Since staying in bed wasn’t going to resolve anything, she flung the pillow to the side and crawled out of bed, all the while listening intently. Was he already up? Was that rustling she heard?

   Wasting no time, she yanked off her nightclothes and pulled on fresh underwear, jeans, and a long-sleeved purple T-shirt. She enjoyed wearing colors, something she hadn’t been able to do in her previous occupation.

   Death favored black. And they had a dress code.

   She topped it with a purple hoodie and a pair of canvas sneakers. Even with the heat blasting, there was still a nip to the air in the apartment. A pair of her favorite earrings, a glitter of stars for each ear, finished her look.

   Taking a deep breath, she opened the door. The couch was empty, and the blankets were neatly folded and sitting on one end with the pillow beside them.

   “Good morning.” The deep rumbling voice coming from her tiny galley kitchen made her blood thicken. Rumpled and as sexy as ever, he leaned against the doorframe, coffee mug in hand.

   He was only half dressed, his T-shirt tossed across the living room chair beside his sweater. But a partially naked Alexei was simply too much to ignore.

   His impossibly broad chest tapered down to a lean waist. His abs were the stuff of wet dreams. And the muscles in his arms flexed and rippled with every move he made.

   Was her tongue hanging out? She feared it might be but didn’t want to reach up to check.

   I’m supposed to be angry that he’s made free with my kitchen.

   “Here.” He handed her the mug of coffee. “No milk and two sugars, right? That’s how you had it last night.”

   And her anger fizzled and died. How could she be upset with a man who not only made her coffee but also remembered how she liked it? Not to mention he’d folded the blankets she’d given him.

   “Ah, thanks.” Their fingers grazed when he handed her the mug. Goose bumps raced up her arm. She took a healthy swallow, needing the shot of caffeine.

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