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Dragon Mage (Dragon Point #7)(7)
Author: Eve Langlais

“She indicated she resided nearby.”

“Do you have any idea how many homes are in a one-mile radius? You’re going to need to be more specific.”

The phone he’d taken from her vibrated, startling in and of itself. He ignored it.

The driver’s phone rang next. “Hold on a second while I answer.”

Even with his most excellent hearing, Azrael only heard the driver’s replies of, “How did you know? Are you sure? Yes, ma’am.” Then the man turned to look at him. “Lucky you, your friend called with an address.”


“Elsie something or other. Said she’d be seeing you soon and told me where you’re going.”

Who was this Elsie? And how had she known he was in this conveyance? Then again, it was the first sign he’d seen thus far that perhaps the magic he’d once known that filled this world wasn’t completely gone.

The chariot deposited him outside a building. When the glass door wouldn’t open, a sharp yank took care of it. Then he had to decide which door to open next. There were metal ones that had no handles for him to use to pry open, and one that, with a hard shove, led him to some stairs.

He went flight by flight, seeking a place with her scent. He found it on the fifth level. Thank fuck.

Even he was starting to feel the strain of too much exertion. The door to her abode was, of course, locked. He put a finger to it and melted the lock. Upon entering, the scent of her surrounded him. There was so much to explore, but fatigue drew him to find a bed, and he discovered what queen-sized meant.

Big enough for two.



Chapter Three



Using predictive text, type, “If I were a dragon I’d—”

Inside the Silvergrace mansion, in a room with too many opinions and not enough chocolate…

Elsie hung up the phone and handed it to Babette.

“Who were you talking to?” Babette asked.

“A cab driver. He needed an address.”

“For who?”

“You’ll soon see,” was Elsie’s cryptic reply.

Once upon a time, Babette might have snapped and shaken her, but she’d learned to let someone else be the bad guy trying to get answers. “Where’s Luc?” Elsie’s main squeeze.

“Avoiding this meeting.” A smile teased her lips. “He’s picking me up in twenty-four minutes.”

“You’re letting him drive? I thought you took away his keys.” Babette still had flashbacks of that one terrifying time they let Luc drive. “That man is a menace on wheels.”

“He’s gotten better. Just wait until he starts taking motorcycle lessons. I’ve already got three helmets for him.”

“Since when can you see the future for him?” The odd thing about the lovey-dovey couple was that Elspeth—a yellow dragon with an ability to see things that hadn’t yet happened—couldn’t read her husband, her demon mate.

With Luc, every day was a surprise for Elspeth. They truly were made for each other. Babette especially liked how Luc took care of Elspeth. He glowered and offered to kill anyone who offended her. Had offered to conquer the world if she wanted it.

One day Babette hoped to find the kind of love that was ready to go to war and wouldn’t mind mowing the lawn. Babette had tried helping their gardener for a bit. Turned out she quickly got annoyed pushing a machine around to trim grass, so she invested in some more natural methods, only to have incidents with the goats she acquired. They didn’t just make good cheese; however, the indigestion...

Maybe they should try sheep instead.

Mmm. Lamb chops.

The arguing at the meeting interfered with her mouthwatering fantasy. Welcome to a Sept emergency meeting, presided over by King Remiel, with a bunch of people all giving their two cents. Apart from the king, Elsie, Luc, and Babette, there was Aimi Silvergrace and her mate, Brandon. Her sister Adrienne with her main squeeze, Dex. As if that weren’t too many, a few of the aunts were also present arguing.

Everyone had their opinion—mostly hot air—to throw in. The king drummed his fingers in impatience.

What a wonderful clusterfuck, and it all started at the meeting last week during a similar meeting with too many hot-head dragons.

Elsie leaned close and whispered, “Watch, I’m going to make their heads explode.” And winked.

It began rather tamely with Elsie announcing, “I had a dream!”

The room had instantly quieted.

Remiel lifted a hand and said, “Tell us about it.”

The dragons had learned to ignore Elsie’s dreams at their own peril. Now that she’d stopped taking the drugs that helped her control the visions, and had Luc to act as her anchor, she’d grown more comfortable with her ability to see the future. Knew which visions would affect them most and should be discussed.

“It was a long dream,” Elsie said as she stood. “A whole bunch of things happened. Some of which I can’t talk about yet.” She stared off in the distance. “Yeah, we really can’t talk about that.” She shook her head. “Must concentrate on the here and now. And finding them.”

“Finding who?” Babette took over the questioning. As Elsie’s best friend—something she had no choice in as Elsie had just declared it one day—Babette knew how to draw the right information from her, as she could ramble and wander.

“The horsemen of the apocalypse, of course,” Elsie said with a roll of her eyes. “They’ve emerged from their prison and ride the world again.”

“Did you say the fucking horsemen?” Babette yell-whispered.

Elsie nodded.

“I’m in!” Aimi Silvergrace announced.

“No, she’s not,” countered her hubby, Brandon.

That drew a glare from his wife. “Excuse you, but you don’t get to decide.”

He eyed her very round belly. “Like fuck I don’t. You heard what your aunt said just this morning. You could pop that sucker any day.”

“People have been birthing babies since even before they started walking. They didn’t put their lives on hold. They squatted, birthed, and off they went to work and care for their families.”

Brandon leaned back with a sigh and rubbed his forehead. “Someone please tell her, because she won’t listen to me.”

It was Aunt Yolanda who patted Aimi’s hand and said, “Given how you screamed when I had to remove that splinter, I don’t think so. You’re not going anywhere. It’s too close.”

“But I want to help.” Aimi pouted.

“By distracting from the mission because you’ve got to give birth? Don’t be so selfish.” Aunt Yolanda flicked her.

“Ow. You can’t hurt a pregnant woman.”

“And you just proved my point,” Aunt Yolanda declared triumphantly.

Aimi stuck out her tongue.

The king cleared his throat, and the squabbling ceased. No one quite knew what the king would do if pushed too far, and none were willing to find out.

Babette returned to Elsie’s dream. “So these horsemen? Are they cute?” The most important question.

Adrienne Silvergrace cleared her throat. “Um, Babs, you do know the horsemen are evil.”

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