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Author: K.S. Rochell





“Fuck me!” I cursed, slamming the palms of my hands on the steering wheel of my red Ford Focus.

I was going to be late for my interview. Why didn’t I think about how crazy the traffic would be at this time of the day? Plus, the commute from my apartment into the city was a bitch.

My stomach fluttered with excitement and at the same time, I felt a frisson of nervousness. Working at Brighton & Associates had always been my dream, and now, that dream was about to become a reality. Well, it depended on how the interview went.

I had recently finished law school and passed the bar exam. So, I decided to apply for the position of a paralegal instead of an associate. To be the best, I aspired to take in as much knowledge as possible. My research had concluded that Brighton & Associates was one of the best law firms in New York.

As my eyes flickered to my watch, I realized I was already running late.fuck me, this is not my day. Well, at least there was one thing working in my favor—the fact that the firm’s offices were in my father’s building, so I knew my way around.

My father, Charles Cole, was a real estate mogul in the city of New York, so you could say I’d been groomed for success. My dad always told me I would be successful—not because I was his daughter, but because I was hardworking and ambitious. However, the butterflies in my stomach said something else.

My heart pulsated with excitement when the traffic started to move again.

Thirty minutes later, I pulled my car into Brighton & Associates’ parking lot and gathered my files into my hands. I took a deep breath as I exited from the car, and then I made my way toward the building. I caught my reflection on the glass doors as I approached the entrance. I took the time to adjust myself, smoothing out the lines of my red pencil skirt, which landed just above my knees. My silky white cashmere blouse, which was tucked in my skirt, did little to hide my busty chest. I’d finished off my outfit with my favorite pair of Jessica Simpson red heels and a gold necklace with a heart-shaped diamond, which my dad had given me for good luck. My sleek, short hair was curled and reached my shoulders. My chestnut skin glowed in the sun. I had been researching the law firm for years and read about the associates and partners in the firm.

I reminded myself to cheer up and finally rushed into the building with my heart pounding heavily in my ears while I still tried to remain in control of my emotions. I hastily made my way to the fifth floor, where the interview would be held.

I approached the receptionist desk. “Hi. My name is Amber Cole. I’m here for the paralegal interview.”

The receptionist gave me a stern look. “You’re late, miss. They just wrapped up the last interview, but you’re in luck because they’re in a meeting. Just knock on the door and go in, and maybe they will see you.”

“Thank you.” I smiled, made my way to the door, and knocked.

As I opened the boardroom door, my heart sank as I realized the interviewers were about to end the meeting. There were three men and three women in the room. I recognized all of them; the three men were associates while two of the women were partners. They all looked quite surprised to see me, as I was considerably late.

“Good morning. My name is Amber Cole, and I’m here for the interview,” I greeted with a confident smile.

“Unfortunately, the interview is over,” Miss Jenna, a partner in the firm, stated with a bite in her tone.

“Please, ma’am, I know I’m late, and I apologize.” I pleaded with the lady, “Please give me a chance.”

They exchanged glances for some seconds.

“Do you prefer working on your own or as part of a team?” one of the partners asked.

“Teamwork is a crucial part of any successful legal firm. I love working as part of a team, and at the same time, I can also work independently. I can work with different people, irrespective of their personality or position in the firm. I can also complete work and conduct thorough research on my own,” I replied.

The six interviewers gestured for me to do the same.

“Why should our firm hire you as a paralegal?” Mr. Taylor questioned. He was one of the male associates.

“I possess all the essential competencies needed for day-to-day legal assistant tasks. My educational background and skills have prepared me for each task that might come across my desk. I’m proficient in report writing and legal research. I have a broad knowledge of law and legal procedures. I’ve also been dreaming of working with Brighton & Associates because it is the foremost law firm in New York City. I believe your firm will give me the platform that I need to grow as a paralegal. My research and reporting skills and my ability to be a team player at all levels will enable me to fit into your firm and also deliver exceptional results,” I answered as honestly as I could.

The interviewers looked impressed with my answers apparently, but then the door opened, and Nicholas Brighton entered.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Nicholas asked sternly. “I need this room to be prepared for my appointment.”

Then, he looked up and saw me. My heart flipped as our eyes met. He had electric-gray eyes with sun-kissed lips. His black suit stretched over wide, broad shoulders, and I could also make out the muscles beneath, his biceps straining against the fabric.

His gaze was stern. I exhaled nervously and looked away from his stare, which was doing undeniable things to me. It felt like he could see through me. Moments passed, and I still felt his gaze on me. It made my skin heat up in anticipation. Not only was he the owner of Brighton & Associates, but he was also a daredevil when it came to the courtroom, taking on impossible cases. He’d won every case that had come across his desk, and he happened to be the sexiest and most eligible bachelor of New York.

“Excuse me. Please carry on!”

I thought he would leave. Instead, he leaned against the wall, bracing his arms across his powerful chest.

“Please tell us the components of a case file and the necessary steps that are carried out to file a case,” the silver-haired woman said.

“Case filing involves case summarizing, collection of material, and organization,” I replied. “It also involves law research, scheduling your witnesses, and case team review reports.”

The other interviewers threw a series of questions at me, which I answered to the best of my abilities. I was a little nervous and tense because of Nicholas’s presence. It seemed like the interviewers were impressed with my performance, judging by the looks on their faces.

“Thank you, Miss Cole,” Jenna said. “We’ll make a decision by noon and get back to you.”

“Thank you. I look forward to working with your firm.”

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Did I even get the job?

I resisted glancing at Nicholas as I stood and made my way out of the boardroom. I took a lungful of air as I walked toward the elevator. I slipped my phone out of my purse and sent a short text to my best friend, Sybil Milne.

Hey, Sybil. Let’s meet at Leigh Bar.

I’m dying to know how your interview went. See you soon! Sybil replied along with tons of eggplants, smiley faces, and goofy emojis.



Sybil was already waiting for me at Leigh Bar when I arrived. She waved her hands, smiling at me.

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