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Chains' Trust (Inferno's Clutch MC Book 1)
Author: E.C. Land







My life has never been easy, not once from the day I took my first breath. According to my dad, I was good for nothing. Well, besides breeding to the right person. My mom died, at the hands of the man who raised me, for her sins. When I turned sixteen, I ran away. Living on the streets wasn’t easy but I’d made it work. It was better than listening to the crazy that the leader of the cult would talk about.

It took me a while to make my way south. But I’d done it without spreading my legs for random men. I didn’t want to be pimped out.

So, people would wonder how I ended up at the clubhouse of the Devil’s Riot MC. Well I met this girl, I thought she was my friend. Told me to come to the clubhouse let the men have their way with you and you’d have the club’s protection. Figured it can’t be so bad.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slut. I did what I thought I could handle, but in the end, I didn’t want to be passed around. After giving a couple blow jobs to a couple of the members of the club, I knew I couldn’t hack it and confronted the president of the club, Stoney. He and Tracker understood when I explained to them why I’d come to them. They didn’t turn me away like I’d thought they would.

I’d already been given the nickname of Tiny because of how short I am. Standing at no more than five foot two and weighing no more than a hundred and five pounds. Yeah you could say I’m short.

Stoney and Tracker ended up hiring me to work the bar in the clubhouse. It worked for me because then I didn’t have to leave the clubhouse for anything. My room was here and thanks to the internet I was able to order clothes and whatever else I needed.

When Rachel, Stoney’s ol’ lady came into the picture, her and I hit it off. I started helping her with her twins, Luca and Corrine. Talk about beautiful babies. I realized helping her, what I wanted to do with my life.

I wanted to become a teacher. But you can’t do that without a college degree, and I didn’t even have my high school diploma.

Then everything went to hell the night we were all attacked. Luca and Corrine were kidnapped. Rachel was beaten as well as Momma B. A few others were raped but I ended up getting the brunt of it. For reasons I don’t know.

The guy, Jackal, he’d raped me taking my virginity and leaving me scarred. Raping me wasn’t enough for him though. No, he’d broken my leg and fractured my skull pretty much leaving me for dead.

It’s a wonder that I’d survived, but in the end I did. However now, I’m scared to be around any of the men. I refuse to leave my room unless it’s to go to the nursery for the twins.

Well that is until Victoria brought the reasons to light for the men. Stoney and Tracker gave me options of new places I could go. In the end, I asked if I could go to the Inferno’s Clutch MC clubhouse. I really thought they’d say no but Stoney merely nodded sadly. I’ll always remember his last words to me.

“You’re family, Tiny. You might have come to us by trying to be one of the other women who come here but you’re not. Don’t let what happened stop you from living. Heal and know you can always come home. That’s what this place is for you. Home,” Stoney said, holding Rachel next to him who simply nodded her head as she smiled at me.

I’d never really had a place I called home and the fact Stoney said that made me want to cry. I wish I could have stayed, but the clubhouse scares me. All the good memories it held for me were tarnished by the evil of one man.

Sitting in the passenger seat of the truck, Shadow is taking me to Victoria’s brother who said he’d take me in.

I only hope this is a good idea and that I can trust Chains.



Chapter One






“Where are we with that shipment coming in?” I ask my brothers the moment I slam the gavel down on the table.

It’s been a long fuckin’ week and all I want to do right now is finish church up, and have one of the strays suck me off before hitting my bed. Between the garage, the strip club, and the other few businesses we have it’s been a pain in the ass recently. Tyres, Axle, and I had been stuck going through the books of all our businesses instead of getting other things done.

Seems our little accountant has been screwing up big time. I don’t know if it’s because she can’t seem to keep her legs closed for the brothers or if it’s because she’s doing it on purpose. All I care about is she’s fuckin’ with our money and that shit ain’t gonna fly.

“The shipment of girls is supposed to be coming on Thursday. Parker is expected to be there this time,” Tyres says, clenching his fists.

“Good, I know the DRMC wants him. But for now, we need his sorry ass alive,” I growl. I want nothing more than to hang him by his neck in the bayou and leave him to the gators.

“When we have what we want, Parker will die and it won’t be pretty,” Pit seethes from where he’s sitting next to Tyres.

“Damn right, that fucker did enough damage to Vi. He deserves to be eaten alive by the gators. Better yet, dismembered piece by piece until there’s nothing left of him,” Breaker snarls. My cousins are just as protective of my little sister, Victoria, as I am.

Granted she doesn’t need the protection. Vi is more than capable of taking care of herself. Unfortunately, it always comes with a price for her.

Recently her ol’ man, the VP of the Devil’s Riot MC, was shot and the only way for her to cope was by shutting her emotions off. She’d come down here to take out the people who raised her and Parker. I was able to soothe my sister some until Tracker got here. Didn’t help Vi was pregnant and refusing to eat.

I could kill those motherfuckers for that alone. When our parents died, my aunts sold Victoria to none other than the man who’d been the governor of the state. He’s another one I’d love to hang from one of my chains. Too bad no one can find him. Governor Caron was reported missing right after my sister left to go home with her ol’ man and hasn’t been seen since.

“Isn’t that girl supposed to be showing up today?” Fuse asks.

“Yeah, what can you tell us about her?” Vi never asks anything of the club and when she’d called me about letting this woman come here, I’d immediately agreed without thinking about any of the shit we have goin’ on around here.

“Tiny a/k/a Sloane Trinity Collins, twenty-one years old, was born in New York. There’s not much on her except for her mother died and her father is a part of a cult moving along the east coast killing women. She ran away at the age of sixteen. There’s not much else on her until about a year ago when she was admitted to the hospital and nearly died,” Fuse says, sliding a file toward me.

“What put her in the hospital?” Fuse glances over at Pit before meeting my gaze. “She’d been raped and beaten. I don’t know how she survived, considering the woman is no more than the size of a toothpick.”

Opening the file, I’m met with an image of a beautiful woman. Her eyes alone could be mesmerizing. As I read through the report from the hospital, my blood boils at the fact this woman went through hell. According to the document she’d been in a coma for over a month.

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