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The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals : A Novel  by  Becky Mandelbaum
Seven Devils  by  Laura Lam
Luster  by  Raven Leilani
Lost Souls at the Neptune Inn  by  Betsy Carter
Bear Necessity  by  James Gould-Bourn
Space Station Down  by  Ben Bova
With or Without You  by  Caroline Leavitt
What Happens at Night  by  Peter Cameron
Universe of Two : A Novel  by  Stephen P. Kiernan
The Woman in Red  by  Diana Giovinazzo
The Space Between Worlds  by  Micaiah Johnson
The Lions of Fifth Avenue  by  Fiona Davis
The First Sister  by  Linden A. Lewis
The Disaster Tourist  by  Yun Ko-Eun
The Boys' Club  by  Erica Katz
Paris Never Leaves You  by  Ellen Feldman
Love After Love  by  Ingrid Persaud
Louisiana Lucky  by  Julie Pennell
Life and Other Shortcomings  by  Corie Adjmi
Imperfect Women  by  Araminta Hall
Bronte's Mistress  by  Finola Austin
All the Right Mistakes  by  Laura Jamison
The Ringmaster's Daughter  by  Carly Schabowski
Stealing the Crown  by  T.P. Fielden
Across the Winding River  by  Aimie K. Runyan
The Monastery  by  Zakhar Prilepin
Set the Stars Alight  by  Amanda Dykes
Tiamat's Wrath  by  James S. A. Corey
The Haunting of Hilltop Mansion  by  Carrie Bates
Snowflakes  by  Ruth Ware
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Evolution  by  Brian Freeman
Network Effect  by  Martha Wells
Dark Age  by  Pierce Brown
Auberon  by  James S. A. Corey
The Worst of All Possible Worlds  by  Alex White
The Kids Are Gonna Ask  by  Gretchen Anthony
Afterland  by  Lauren Beukes
A Star Is Bored  by  Byron Lane
The Two Mrs. Carlyles  by  Suzanne Rindell
It Is Wood, It Is Stone  by  Gabriella Burnham
Happily Whatever After  by  Stewart Lewis
Everything Here is Under Control  by  Emily Adrian
Lieutenant Commander Spacemage  by  Timothy Ellis
Extant : Beyond the Thaw  by  Heidi Catherine
Dark Matter  by  Blake Crouch
Cynetic Wolf  by  Matt Ward
How Lulu Lost Her Mind  by  Rachel Gibson
Watson : Lives of Edie Pritchard  by  Larry Watson
The Woman Before Wallis : A Novel of Windsors, Vanderbilts, and Royal Scandal  by  Bryn Turnbull
The Vanishing Sky  by  L.Annette Binder
The Pull of the Stars  by  Emma Donoghue
The Divine Boys  by  Laura Restrepo
The Book of Lost Names  by  Kristin Harmel
Red Mistress  by  Elizabeth Blackwell
Musical Chairs  by  Amy Poeppel
Axiom's End  by  Lindsay Ellis
A Room Made of Leaves  by  Kate Grenville
The Time Keeper  by  Mitch Albom
The All : Night Sun  by  Diane Zinna
The Vinyl Underground  by  Rob Rufus
The Survivor  by  BRIDGET TYLER
The King at the Edge of the World  by  Arthur Phillips
Red Letter Days  by  Sarah-Jane Stratford
Pixie Pushes On  by  Tamara Bundy
Ivy Introspective  by  Kellyn Roth
Gone by Nightfall  by  Dee Garretson
Cartier's Hope  by  M. J. Rose
All the Days Past, All the Days to Come  by  Mildred D. Taylor
A Tender Thing  by  Emily Neuberger
My Uncle's New Eyes  by  Joseph Hirsch
The Silence of the Girls  by  Pat Barker
The Man I Think I Know  by  Mike Gayle
Seven Rules of Time Travel  by  Roy Huff
Scorpionfish  by  Natalie Bakopoulos
The Nesting Dolls  by  Alina Adams
Well-Behaved Indian Women  by  Saumya Dave
Utopia Avenue  by  David Mitchell
Sunny Days and Sea Breezes  by  Carole Matthews
Sensation Machines  by  Adam Wilson