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Ready Player One  by  Ernest Cline
Maybe He Just Likes You  by  Barbara Dee
Lovin' You (You and Me #1)  by  Lyssa Cole
Birdy (Upper Echelon Syndicates #1)  by  Dee Garcia
Binti (Binti #1)  by  Nnedi Okorafor
Annihilation  by  Jeff VanderMeer
What Only We Know  by  Catherine Hokin
The Jewel Thief  by  Jeannie Mobley
The First Actress  by  C. W. Gortner
Nether Light  by  Shaun Paul Stevens
Careful What You Click For  by  Mary B. Morrison
The Paper Girl of Paris  by  Jordyn Taylor
The Motion of the Body Through Space  by  Lionel Shriver
The Jane Austen Society  by  Natalie Jenner
Red Dress in Black and White  by  Elliot Ackerman
All My Mother's Lovers  by  Ilana Masad
The Weight of the Heart  by  Susana Aikin
A Happy Catastrophe :A Novel  by  Maddie Dawson
Son of Winter (Dragon and Storm #2)  by  Anna Logan
Lake Effect  by  K.C. Gillis
Fire and Vengeance (Koa Kāne Hawaiian Mystery #3)  by  Robert McCaw
Breath : The New Science of a Lost Art  by  James Nestor
When We Left Cuba  by  Chanel Cleeton
Waking Gods (Themis Files #2)  by  Sylvain Neuvel
The First Lady and the Rebel  by  Susan Higginbotham
Sleeping Giants (Themis Files #1)  by  Sylvain Neuvel
Sea of Memories  by  Fiona Valpy
Sacrificial Lamb  by  Ashley Nicole
Out of the Ashes (Maji #1)  by  L.A. Casey
Only Human (Themis Files #3)  by  Sylvain Neuvel
Meet Me in Monaco  by  Hazel Gaynor
Daughters of Smoke and Fire  by  Ava Homa
Becoming Mrs. Lewis  by  Patti Callahan
Bane (Xian Warriors #4)  by  Regine Abel
To Wake the Giant : A Novel of Pearl Harbor  by  Jeff Shaara
Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982  by  Cho Nam-Joo
The Restaurant  by  Pamela M. Kelley
The Bench  by  Saskia Sarginson
Monster SBMC Miami  by  Erin Trejo
Losing Grip  by  Scarlett Haven
The Lion's Den  by  Katherine St. John
The Last Trial (Kindle County Legal Thriller #11)  by  Scott Turow
The Eighth Girl  by  Maxine Mei-Fung Chung
Veil  by  Eliot Peper
Shooting Down Heaven  by  Jorge Franco
Pale  by  Edward A. Farmer
Within Golden Bands (A Home for My Heart #2)  by  Norma Gail
These Women  by  Ivy Pochoda
Happy and You Know It  by  Laura Hankin
The New Girl  by  Harriet Walker
The Good Stranger (Kate Bradley Mystery #3)  by  Dete Meserve
On Ocean Boulevard (Beach House #6)  by  Mary Alice Monroe
A Week at the Shore  by  Barbara Delinsky
Brave Girl, Quiet Girl: A Novel  by  Catherine Ryan Hyde
What's Left of Me is Yours  by  Stephanie Scott
Wild Dog  by  Serge Joncour
Where We Belong  by  Anstey Harris
Where the Truth Hides  by  Liane Carmen
Unreconciled (Donovan #4)  by  W. Michael Gear
Unplugged  by  Joe Barrett
Under A Dancing Star  by  Laura Wood
The Topeka School  by  Ben Lerner
The Time of Jacob's Trouble  by  Donna VanLiere
The Sultan's Daughter  by  P.E. Gilbert
The Stranger  by  Albert Camus
The Road to Zoe  by  Nick Alexander
The Good Fight  by  Danielle Steel
The Bank  by  Bentley Little
Shakespeare for Squirrels (Fool #3)  by  Christopher Moore
One Year of Ugly:A Novel  by  Caroline Mackenzie
One Lucky Bride  by  Krista Wolf
Lost Children Archive  by  Valeria Luiselli
How to Bury Your Brother  by  Lindsey Rogers Cook
Disappearing Earth  by  Julia Phillips
Clock Dance  by  Anne Tyler
Before I Called You Mine  by  Nicole Deese
All We Ever Wanted  by  Emily Giffin
A New Beginning  by  J E Thompson
A Bend in the Stars  by  Rachel Barenbaum
Taken by the Alien Warrior (Warriors of Agron #1)  by  Hope Hart