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The Morning Flower  by  Amanda Hocking
The Library of Fates  by  Aditi Khorana
The Girl and the Ghost  by  Hanna Alkaf
Tess of the Road  by  Rachel Hartman
Steelheart  by  Brandon Sanderson
Paola Santiago and the River of Tears  by  Tehlor Kay Mejia
Mitosis : A Reckoners Story  by  brandon Sanderson
Mirage  by  Somaiya Daud
Brutal Curse  by  Casey Bond
Calamity  by  Brandon Sanderson
Firefight  by  Brandon Sanderson
Harrow the Ninth  by  Tamsyn Muir
The Immortal City  by  May Peterson
The Heirs of Locksley  by  Carrie Vaughn
The Constant Rabbit  by  Jasper Fforde
Ten Arrows of Iron  by  Sam Sykes
Tempests and Slaughter  by  Tamora Pierce
Talking Animals  by  Joni Murphy
Seven Blades in Black  by  Sam Sykes
Lobizona  by  Romina Garber
Freaky Seas (A Mystic Caravan Mystery #10)  by  Amanda M. Lee
Freaky Fangs  by  Amanda M. Lee
Court of Lions  by  Somaiya Daud
The Silver Mask  by  Holly Black
The Shape of Water  by  Guillermo Del Toro
The Iron Trial  by  Holly Black
The Golden Tower  by  Holly Black
The Death of Vivek Oji  by  Akwaeke Emezi
The Darkest Part of the Forest  by  Holly Black
The Copper Gauntlet  by  Holly Black
The Bronze Key  by  Holly Black
Set Fire to the Gods  by  Sara Raasch
Midnight Sun  by  Stephenie Meyer
Igniting Darkness  by  Robin LaFevers
Bloodleaf  by  Crystal Smith
Hex Factor (The Paranormals, #1)  by  Andie M. Long
Wolf Shield  by  C.D. Gorri
Witching For Hope  by  Deanna Chase
The Watermight Thief  by  Jordan Rivet
The Thunderbird Queen  by  Jordan Rivet
The Dragonfly Oath  by  Jordan Rivet
Of Blood and Deceit  by  Rachel A Collett
Ghoulish  by  Joel Abernathy
Don't Cross My Path  by  Lacey Carter Andersen
Crownbreaker  by  Sebastien de Castell
Blazing Academy : Semester Two  by  Avery Song
Ash and Bones  by  Michael R. Fletcher
Age of War  by  Michael J. Sullivan
Age of Swords  by  Michael J. Sullivan
Age of Myth  by  Michael J. Sullivan
Emerald Blaze  by  Ilona Andrews
Witch Of The Federation VI  by  Michael Anderle
Viper  by  Bex Hogan
Venom  by  Bex Hogan
The Fae Bound  by  Juliana Haygert
The Dragon's Psychic  by  Linzi Baxter
Sword and Pen  by  Rachel Caine
Sovereign  by  Kilian Grey
Smoke and Iron  by  Rachel Caine
Shadow Surge  by  Jessica Parker
Ruthless Fae  by  Ingrid Seymour
Red Heir  by  Lisa Henry
Path of Night  by  Sarah Rees Brennan
Paper and Fire  by  Rachel Caine
Never to Wonder (A Trailerverse Novel, #1)  by  Kimbra Swain
Never Die  by  Rob J. Hayes
Neon Drops  by  M. Sinclair
Midnight Beauties  by  Megan Shepherd
Magic Uncorked : A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel  by  Annabel Chase
Israel (The Adlers Book 8)  by  Avery Gale
Ink and Bone  by  Rachel Caine
Hope Lost (Unlocked Book 5)  by  Lana Kole
Grim Lovelies  by  Megan Shepherd
Foregone Conflict  by  Stan C. Smith
Escape from the Isle of the Lost  by  Melissa de la Cruz
Drowned Country  by  Emily Tesh
Bayou Reckoning  by  Apryl Baker
Barrow Witch  by  Craig Comer
Ash and Quill  by  Rachel Caine
Allegiance  by  Kilian Grey