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Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Part two) by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
Mo Dao Zu Shi (Part One) by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
Mo Dao Zu Shi (Part two) by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters
Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw
Wicked Hour An Heirs of Chicagoland Novel by Chloe Neill
Unscripted by J.R. Gray
The Wives by Tarryn Fisher
The Winter Witch by Karpov Kinrade
The Warlock's Kiss by Tiffany Roberts
The Virgin Gift (The Gift #2) by Lauren Blakely
The Toll (Arc of a Scythe #3) by Neal Shusterman
The Temple of Forgotten Secrets (After The Rift #4) by C.J. Archer
The Sky Weaver (Iskari #3) by Kristen Ciccarelli
The Road Between by Patrick Benjamin
The Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of The One #3) by Nora Roberts
The Prince of Souls (Nine Kingdoms #12) by Lynn Kurland
The Orchid Throne (Forgotten Empires #1) by Jeffe Kennedy
The Light at the Bottom of the World (The Light at the Bottom of the World #1) by London Shah
The Keeper's Vow A Chosen Novel (The Keepers Book 3) by Meg Anne
The Keeper's Retribution (The Keepers #2) by Meg Anne
The Intended Victim (The Agency #4) by Alexandra Ivy
The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey
The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon
The Fae Prince (Fae of Ballantine) by Serena Meadows
The Domina (Ascension #5) by K.A. Linde
The Deception (Filthy Rich Americans #3) by Nikki Sloane
The Confession by Jessie Burton
The Choice of Magic (Art of the Adept #1) by Michael G. Manning
The Burning White (Lightbringer #5) by Brent Weeks
The Bridge Kingdom (The Bridge Kingdom #1) by Danielle L. Jensen
The Alchemist and an Amaretto (The Guild Codex Spellbound #5) by Annette Marie
Tempt (Selfish Myths #3) by Natalia Jaster
Tell Me to Run (Tell Me #4) by Charlotte Byrd
Tell Me to Go (Tell Me #2) by Charlotte Byrd
Taming the Winter King (Faeted Mates #3) by Ariel Hunter
How to Kiss an Undead Bride The Epilogues (The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy #7) by Hailey Edwards
Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
Stolen Lies (Truths and Lies #2) by Nikki Ash
Spellbound (Crossbreed #8) by Dannika Dark
Sorcery Reborn (The Rebellion Chronicles #1) by Steve McHugh
Songs from the Deep by Kelly Powell
SNOW BRIDES (Stormwatch #5) by Peggy Webb
Slaying Monsters for the Feeble (The Guild Codex Demonized #2) by Annette Marie
Siren's Song (Dorina Basarab #4.6) by Karen Chance
Sinful Truth (Sinful Truths #1) by Ella Miles
Sigurd and the Valkyrie (Once Upon a Spell #8) by Vivienne Savage
Shadow of Doubt (The Potentate of Atlanta #1) by Hailey Edwards
Ruin (Slay Quartet #2) by Laurelin Paige
Rise of the Fae (Dragon's Gift The Dark Fae #5) by Linsey Hall
Reverie by Ryan La Sala
Red Waters (Tainted Waters #3) by India R. Adams
Reaper Academy_ Semester One (Reaper Academy #1) by Jasmine Walt
Reaper (Demonica Underworld #9) by Larissa Ion
Realm of Ash (The Books of Ambha #2) by Tasha Suri
Promise of Darkness (Dark Court Rising #1) by Bec McMaster
Prince of Never_ A Fae Romance by Juno Heart
Postscript (P.S. I Love You #2) by Cecelia Ahern
OverPowered Anti-Hero Game Power Chain Book 4 (Power Chain #4) by Chelsea Camaron
Novice Dragoneer (Dragoneer Academy #1) by E.E. Knight
Maria (Made Men #7) by Sarah Brianne
Love in Due Time (Green Valley Library #1) by Smartypants Romance
Legends of Sorcery (Stones of Amaria #1) by Julie Trettel
I Am the Night (The Night Firm #3) by Karpov Kinrade
Husband (Betrothed #2) by Penelope Sky
Hidden Truths (Truths and Lies #1) by Nikki Ash
Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact (Harley Merlin #9) by Bella Forrest
Harley Merlin 14 Finch Merlin and the Forgotten Kingdom by Bella Forrest
Golden Eagle (Sons of Rome Book 4 ) by Lauren Gilley
Godless_ Feathers and Fire Book by Shayne Silvers
Gilded Rose by Emma Hamm
From Flame and Ash (Elements of Five #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan
Forbidden (Fantasy Romance) by Katrina Snow
Fire Song by Tanya Anne Crosby
Finch Merlin and the Lost Map (Harley Merlin #11) by Bella Forrest
Finch Merlin and the Locked Gateway (Harley Merlin #13) by Bella Forrest
Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth (Harley Merlin #10) by Bella Forrest
Finch Merlin and the Djinn's Curse (Harley Merlin #12) by Bella Forrest
Fae's Consort by Lily Archer
Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian
Dirty Devil by Jackie Ashenden
Diamond & Dawn (Amber & Dusk #2) by Lyra Selene
Devious Lies (Cruel Crown #1) by Parker S_Huntington
Desperate to Touch (Hard to Love #2) by W. Winters
Defiant (Tales of Cinder #1) by M.J. Haag
Dawn of Cobalt Shadows (Burning Empire #2) by Emma Hamm
Darklight 3 Darkworld by Bella Forrest
Darklight (Darklight #2) by Bella Forrest
Damage an Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance by Natasha Knight
Crown of Oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh
Crown of Fire (The Forbidden Fae #1) by Linsey Hall
Collateral an Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance by Natasha Knight
Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orïsha #2) by Tomi Adeyemi
Catching Pathways The Five Realms, Book One by Danielle Berggren
Call Down the Hawk (Dreamer Trilogy #1) by Maggie Stiefvater
Caged by Jessica Aspen (Goodreads Author) by Jessica Aspen
Break the Day by Lara Adrian
Brave the Tempest (Cassandra Palmer #9) by Karen Chance